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Thales in Croatia


Thales is a long-term partner of the Croatian Ministry of Defence and has been cooperating with Pomonrski Centar Elektroniku (PCE), based in Split, for many years on different projects in Croatia.

The contract for Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft was signed in December 2021. The avionics and electronics embedded in the Rafale is Thales-made.

Since 2005, Thales has provided the Croatian Ministry of defence a Line of Sight (LOS) military communication system in accordance with NATO standardization – as well as VHF and HF radios. More recently, Thales radio equipment has been chosen to equip the new patrol vessel of the Croatian Navy.

Thales has been working through its partner PCE on the Green Border project for Bosnian Border, with the Ministry of Interior / MUP.

As part of the COOPANS organization, Croatia benefits from the latest generation solutions for air traffic management. This includes the Topsky system as well as NAVAIDS, ILS and DVOR systems.
Thales also signed a multi-year contract for the maintenance of the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) datalink system as well as the Aeronautical information management solution. Thales has also supplied primary and secondary radars.

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