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Thales in Portugal


Thales is recognized as a key technology partner in Portugal, serving  the Defense, Aeronautics and Space markets and ranking in top positions in Cybersecurity, Digital Identity and Security sectors.

More specifically, through its subsidiary Thales Edisoft, jointly owned by the Ministry of Defense and NAV Portugal E.P.E, Thales holds leading positions and provides technologically advanced solutions for the domains of Naval Defense, Air Mobility, Space and Cybersecurity. 

Employees in Portugal
Years of presence
Naval Engineering Center
Airspace Mobility Solution Engineering Center

Local Cooperation

Thales closely collaborates with institutions, universities and the industry through different kinds of partnerships. 

Today Thales integrates and develops critical systems for the Digital Security, Cybersecurity markets and through its subsidiary Thales Edisoft, jointly owned with the Ministry of Defence, for the Aerospace and Defence Markets.

  • Thales’s Portuguese Competence Centre for Naval Engineering is a center of excellence supporting the development of combat management systems solutions.
  • Thales Edisoft has also contributed to the design and development of Portugal’s air traffic management system, and today operates a competence center in this domain in Portugal. All the Portuguese airports are operated with Thales Edisoft Portugal systems. 
  • Thales Edisoft supplies Portuguese and European authorities (EMSA) with permanent services using real-time satellite data processed & analyzed by expert team in Santa Maria, Azores Teleport ( Telemetry, atmospheric observation, hosting and maintenance of satellites launchers…) 
  • Thales Edisoft was the technological integrator for all the four Portuguese Navy latest generation Oceanic Patrol Vessels (OPV) of the Viana do Castelo-class.

Working with its customers around the world, Thales partners on projects that transform cities and countries contributing to the quality of life of all citizens.

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Working Hand in Hand with the National Defence

Thales Edisoft has been providing different solutions in the Defence field for more than 35 years, offering its customers innovative solutions as well as technological capabilities for naval defence domains.

Moreover, it is an expert provider of critical command & control, communications, computing and real-time intelligence systems, capable of offering engineering solutions, consultancy and integration services to highly complex technological systems.

Thales Edisoft has contributed to the modernization of the Portuguese Navy in the operational sphere (combat system, radars and simulation) and logistic support (Integrated Ship Configuration and Logistic Support System) areas.

Aeronautics, supporting air mobility worldwide

Thales Edisoft operates in the Aeronautics and ATM (Air Traffic Management) sector providing services for Airport Operations, Air Traffic Management, equipment and Software Development for civil (TOPSKY) and also military aviation, providing  products in Tower Automation, aeronautical communications and digital services.

The company’s Airspace Mobility Solutions Competence Center is located in Lisbon. 

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Digital Identity Security for a trusted future

Thales provides biometrics-based solutions in the area of Digital Identity Security with solutions for border and travel such as the Entry-Exit System deployed in European airports for the control of the Schengen Area, as well as biometric solutions for Civil Administrations and Police, such as AFIS Solutions. 

In the banking and payment sector, Thales collaborates with major banks in their digital transformation. In addition, the company provides connectivity services to the main mobile operators, driving the growth of 5G SIM and eSIM solutions worldwide.

Space, exploring the universe from Portugal 

Thales Edisoft  is contributing to  the development of European satellite navigation and communication systems, such as the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), the European Global Navigation System GALILEO and the European Data Relay System (ERDS).

Thales Edisoft operates a teleport in Santa Maria Island in Azores, a valuable infrastructure in a geostrategic position serving space missions through a range of ground segment services.

In addition, Thales is supporting  Space ground segment activities with the main European Agencies such as ESA (European Space Agency), EUSPA (European Union Agency for the Space Programme), EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) and Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency). 

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Cybersecurity, bringing Trust to the Cyberspace

In 2022, Thales acquired the cybersecurity company S21Sec, one of the leading European companies in this sector in the South of Europe. Through S21Sec, Thales in Portugal offers incident detection and response services through its SOC (Security Operations Center) in Porto, providing consulting and integration services to customers in the financial sector, Public Administrations, industrial sector and retail sector.

Thales develops and integrates resilient solutions to help governments, local authorities and civil operators to protect citizens, sensitive data and infrastructures, with an extensive experience in:

  • Cyber SOC & Security Infrastructure and Integration
  •  ITC Security Architectures
  • Cyber Networks Defence

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Events for Portugal

Thales regularly participates in local events in Portugal or abroad to showcase our expertise and meet local actors in our main markets. Whether you are interested in defence, digital identity and security, aerospace or other market specific solutions, there should be a date and a place to meet us. 

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Build the future with us

At Thales, we create an inclusive, diverse and flexible work environment to develop your talent without limits, helping us to build tomorrow’s world.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Has been certified to ISO 9001 standard since 2000; Has been certified to AQAP 2110 standard since 2017;

Contact us in Portugal

Headquarters Portugal
Quinta da Fonte, Lote 9,Edifício Q45 – Gil Eanes
2770-192 Paço de Arcos – Portugal

+351 212945900

Collaboration Projects

Project Title (Agenda) │ New Space Portugal Lead Entity | GEO SAT, Lda Description | The consortium “New Space Portugal” will establish, for the first time in Portugal, the capacity to design, develop and produce complete satellites, payloads and offer high added value tradable services, based on the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data from Space, boosting the national value chain to serve a fast growing market worldwide. In addition, it will expand the portfolio of products and services of the Portuguese satellite operator (GEOSAT), consolidating its position in the European and global markets, and of national companies focused on practical applications of satellite data (downstream), creating a high value-added market-focused offer. In an integrated manner, “New Space Portugal” will develop and consolidate a long-term space scientific, technological and industrial base in Portugal for the auspicious future of the sector.

Start Date │ 01-01-2022
Completion Date │ 31-12-2025

Eligible Investment (Agenda) │ 177 942 155,13 €
European Union Financial Support (Agenda) │ 137 364 121,24 € (NextGenerationEU)

Objective, activities and expected results | Promote a structural change in the specialisation profile of the Portuguese economy through the development, production and operation of satellite constellations, such as the Atlantic constellation, enhancing the creation of innovative space-based products and services, integrating “New Space” philosophies. 

In terms of products and services, the following will be created:

  • Constellation of Very High Resolution satellites
  • Constellation of High Resolution satellites
  • Constellation of VDES satellites
  • SAR satellite constellation
  • Digital Planet, a digital platform to merge multiple data, from multiple sources, and provide value-added services
  • Among other services for the promotion of entrepreneurship, space-based advanced education and training and research in the field of Earth Observation in the Atlantic and globally.

Beneficiary Entity | Thales Edisoft Portugal, S.A.
Investment (Beneficiary) │ 334 369,58€
European Union Financial Support (Beneficiary) │ 168 607,79€ (NextGenerationEU)

Consortium “New Space Portugal” Website