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Thales in Slovenia


Thales is a historic and benchmark supplier in Slovenia in the fields of aerial surveillance and tactical communications.

In 2008, Thales sold long-range radars to provide coverage and defense of Slovenian airspace. In October 2020, Thales renewed the support multi-year contract and signed in parallel a contract for the modernization of the radars, providing Slovenia with mode 5 interrogation capabilities as well as additional functionalities to ensure its aerial surveillance missions at NATO level, while improving the lifetime of radars.

Thales has been supplying tactical radios to the Slovenian Armed Forces for many years. The group has already delivered VHF and HF radios. The SOTAS system is also embedded into 8x8 PATRIA vehicles.
Thales is Slovenia´s incumbent supplier for navigation systems. In addition to VOR systems implemented in 2016, the group has provided Ljubjana and Portoroz airports with ILS and DVR systems.

In 2022, Thales signed a contract for the extension of wide area multilateration (WAM) solutions as well as a maintenance contract for the AMHS procured by the group in 2016.

Slovenia also benefits from Thales-made radar technology.

In addition, Thales is looking to build up collaboration with the local industry in the field of defence and security focused on R&D, supply chain and industrial partnerships. Thales has recently organised a Defence and Security Industry Forum in this respect.

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