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Thales in Spain

Thales in Spain at a Glance

Thales Group is one of the world's leading technology companies and a major player in the aeronautics, defence, security, cybersecurity, digital identity security and space markets. Innovation is the common denominator in all markets where Thales operates.

In defence & security, Thales Spain is a technological and industrial partner in the production of radiocommunications for the Spanish Army (ET), the integration of the Basic Air Networks (RBA), Command and Control Systems, surveillance systems and anti-drone systems, as well as  cybersecurity.

Moreover, it is a key player in the modernization programs of capabilities in the development of advanced tactical communications systems, command and control centers, surveillance radars, sonars, messaging systems and optronics systems for the Armed Forces and State Security Forces. In the field of digital security, cybersecurity and space, Thales is a reference partner in the country's digital transformation, through the deployment of 5G, digital connectivity, biometric and data securirty. 

Over 70 years of presence in Spain
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13 centers throughout Spain
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Local Capabilities

Thales is focused on bringing high technological value and contributing to the development of the Spanish market. This is achieved by developing our own defence solutions such as command and control systems, communications and observation and surveillance systems, as well as through transferring technologies to generate new capabilities in the Spanish market. Thales also exports Spanish developments throughout the Thales commercial network around the world and participates in major development programs at the national level. 

Thales in Spain has established  partnerships with the leading players in the defense and security, cybersecurity and digital security markets.

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Collaborating for 30 years in Defence and Security in Spain

Thales develops advanced solutions for tactical communications systems, command and control, intelligence, cybersecurity, sensors and anti-drone systems. Key references include radiocommunications such as the PR4G radio for the Spanish Army, the new SYNAPS-S,  the latest generation of software defined radios (SDR) ,  integration of the Tactical Networks (RBA/RRC), development of command and control systems for the Spanish Army and also for the Swiss Army. Thales in Spain has developed 5th generation C4ISR systems capable of providing a common view of the battlefield at all levels of command and in all functional areas.

In Spain, Thales has also developed specific solutions for surveillance and command and control systems such as Gecko, a long-range optronic system. Also worth noting is Horus Shield, a solution designed to combat the threat of micro and mini-drones.

In the naval field, Thales develops sonar systems, anti-submarine warfare systems (ASW) and maritime protection and surveillance systems through SAES. It also develops its own solutions such as TUUM, an underwater telephone designed for both modern platforms and retrofits, enabling connections between the various naval actors: submarines, surface vessels, UAVs, etc. 

Contributing to the country's digital transformation safely

Located in  Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante, Thales in Spain provides solutions in the area of Digital Identity Security and Biometrics with products such as the Entry-Exit System deployed in Spanish airports for the control of the Shengen Area, biometric solutions for Public Administrations such as Aena On Boarding Fly to Gate, Civil and Military AFIS Solutions. Also in the field of online payment, Thales works in collaboration with major banks such as Banco Santander and La Caixa in their digital transformation. In addition, it provides connectivity services Mobile Connectivity Solutions to the main Spanish operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Masmovil) driving the growth of 5G SIM and eSIM solutions.
Thales has a digital and innovation hub in Madrid and an IoT and cybersecurity solutions center to serve the whole of Europe.

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Cybersecurity Solutions for a Global World

In 2022 Thales acquired one of the leading Spanish and European cybersecurity companies. S21Sec ranks in the Top 5 of European cybersecurity companies. Through S21Sec, Thales in Spain offers incident detection and response services through its SOC (Security Operations Center), consulting and integration services to customers in the financial sector, Public Administrations, industrial sector and retail sector.

Exploring Space and connecting people

Thales in Spain designs advanced solutions in navigation, telecommunications, earth observation, exploration and environmental management for governments and private customers through Thales Alenia Space. Thales has been present in Spain for more than 30 years and has a production and integration center at Tres Cantos (Madrid) where it produces high-tech systems for satellites and has equipped more than 600 satellites with its hardware equipment and high-tech systems. Thales is a supplier to major satellite manufacturers and space agencies worldwide, including the development of the payload for the Spanish MILSATCOM satellites. Thales Alenia Space is the largest European supplier of equipment and subsystems of Copernicus and participates in six new missions.

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Solutions for flying the skies

Thales in Spain provides a complete range of on-board equipment and systems for all types of aircraft for civil and military aviation, helicopters and UVAs. 
Thales works hand in hand equipping the world's leading manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Sukhoi and ATR) and has experienced in the most ambitious projects for commercial airlines, Armed Forces and civil aviation authorities. Solutions such as cockpit systems, on-board electrical systems, flight simulators and air traffic management systems

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Build the future with us

At Thales, we create an inclusive, diverse and flexible work environment to develop your talent without limits, helping us to build tomorrow’s world.


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