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Thales cybersecurity business goes global

For essential operators more than any other type of organisation, IT system integrity and resilience are crucial challenges. In France and across Europe, essential operators have chosen Thales as a trusted partner for their information system security needs. Widely recognised for its expertise in critical information system security, Thales is progressively expanding its cybersecurity operations into other regions of the world.

Thales has been protecting sensitive or classified information for over 40 years. Today the company can tap into a unique resource pool, with 1,500 cybersecurity specialists and a total of 5,000 engineers working on critical information systems around the world. Thales's Security Operations Centres (SOC) provide end-to-end supervision of critical information systems — detecting anomalies, thwarting cyber attacks and managing operations — for more than 100 organisations with particularly exacting security requirements.

In Asia, the Middle East and other fast-growing regions, the large companies that are the engines of economic development face an increasingly pressing challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of their information systems. Local operators such as energy utilities and hospitals, financial institutions, transport systems and telecom networks play an essential economic role and are considered strategic interests by governments everywhere. These essential operators are among the first to be concerned with threats to the integrity of their IT systems.

With operations in over 50 countries, Thales draws on its unique insights into local markets and a record of success in some of the most demanding security projects to provide major organisations with a full palette of IT system security consulting services. These include security audits, penetration testing, security evaluation of the different components making up the IT system, and a rapid response team that works with customers to take all the necessary measures should an attack occur.

Local Security Operations Centres for 24/7 security

To meet strong local demand in Australia and Hong Kong, for example, Thales is setting up local Security Operations Centres based on the same model as the facilities in France and the United Kingdom that have served customers for a number of years. This opens up new opportunities for local companies and other organisations, who can now choose Thales as a trusted third party to handle all their security operations and guarantee business continuity.

The first Thales SOC outside Europe will enter service in Hong Kong in 2015 as the future Asia Pacific regional hub for cybersecurity and critical information systems. The new facility will draw on local Thales staff serving all the Group's markets and offering high-level expertise in a broad range of advanced technologies. Thales e-security, the Thales subsidiary specialising in cryptography, is also active in the region, manufacturing a range of Hardware Security Modules that has helped to make the Group a global leader in this market segment. The plant began production in 2014 and its order book is growing fast. The new SOC will further speed the expansion of Thales's cybersecurity business in the Asia Pacific region.

A new SOC is also due to open in the Netherlands in the coming months to meet burgeoning demand from European customers.

Thales is France's national champion for cybersecurity, the exclusive supplier of network security solutions to NATO and the security provider for 80% of the world's banking transactions. Today the company is stepping up its international operations and extending its global footprint in security markets. With local SOCs in strategic locations, Thales is progressively becoming the trusted partner of choice for the businesses and organisations who help to make the world a safer place.


Network security: Norway leads the field

Thales network security solutions provide unparalleled levels of protection so that users can benefit to the full from the latest communications technologies. For all types of applications and up to the very highest levels of security, Thales solutions guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of network traffic.
The network security product line is managed by the Thales team in Norway, whose high-grade security solutions have been adopted for the communication networks in service with NATO and the Norwegian Army.


Unparalleled credentials

  • No. 1 worldwide in banking transaction security
  • N° 1 in Europe in IT security

Thales security solutions chosen by 50 countries, including NATO members

IP network security for European and NATO forces

Transaction security and protection of sensitive IT systems for major global corporations:

  • 19 of the world's 20 largest banks and more than 3,000 financial institutions worldwide
  • 80% of the world's banking transactions
  • 3 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies