Connected Cars & Cyber Security a new Télécom ParisTech Chair with Thales

The design of an autonomous object, mobile in a human environment seems however accessible to future technologies and must consider cyber security as a success factor. To anticipate this deadline, Télécom ParisTech, with the support of the Fondation Mines-Télécom, launched a new research and teaching Chair for a period of five years with five large companies: Nokia, Renault, Thales, Valeo and Wavestone.

The goal of the “Connected Cars & Cyber Security” (C3S) Chair is to develop, in close relation with its partners, training programs and research activities of international level. The Chair will focus on the challenges linked to the emergence of this new mobility. Are the desired level of autonomy of the vehicle and its regulation by technology compatible? Which level of security will surround the autonomous vehicle? Can it be protected from all digital intrusion? Will it answer the mobility need of townsfolks and will it contribute to improve the traffic flow, the security on the roads as well as the pollutions? Will the embedded intelligence be able to detect anomalies and correct them in real-time? Could the data exchanged be captured and used without control? What are the legal and societal components to consider in such projects?

With the close collaboration of five major industry actors, Télécom ParisTech ambitions to create an unique ecosystem and to make of the C3S Chair a reference in research and training in the field of cyber security of the connected and autonomous car. Lead by two teacher-researchers of Télécom ParisTech, Houda Labiod, expert in the field of cyber security of intelligent and cooperative transport systems, and Guillaume Duc, specialist of the security of embedded systems, the Chair will gather around them a multidisciplinary team. It will conduct its works according to five main themes:

1. Risk analysis and dependability
2. Data and data flow protection in real time, cryptography and agility
3. Authentication, identity and behavioural footprint
4. Resilience by design
5. Protection of the personal information implied in the connected vehicle (societal and legal aspects). On this fifth axis, the C3S Chair will work closely with the IMT Chair “Values and Policies of Personal Information” in which Télécom ParisTech already participates.

The C3S Chair is the 12th research and teaching Chair at Télécom ParisTech sponsored by companies. It is the second Chair dealing with cyber security within the IMT and within Université Paris-Saclay.