Microsoft France and Thales enhance security for sensitive document sharing by enterprise users

Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris La Défense – 22 November 2016 – Microsoft France and Thales are strengthening their partnership in security for sensitive content and unveiling the CYRIS for SharePoint encryption solution for enterprise customers. This easy-to-use solution is natively integrated with SharePoint and allows users to store and archive sensitive documents securely in the cloud. In addition, CYRIS for Outlook now protects emails and attachments sent to all recipients, inside and outside the organisation. The announcements are part of a continuing partnership between Microsoft France and Thales aimed at providing powerful productivity solutions for government and enterprise users that comply with the security standards and regulations in their respective sectors of activity.

Key Points
  • Launch of CYRIS for SharePoint, a secure library for encryption of documents hosted on SharePoint[1]
  • New functionality for CYRIS for Outlook to protect emails and attachments for recipients without Office 365
Data protection and security is a serious concern for organisations as they pursue their digital transformation. As a partner to enterprise customers in every sector, Microsoft attaches a great deal of importance to these issues and is committed to building a trusted cloud environment to support innovation and the development of new services.
The latest developments take us closer to that goal. We are delighted to have this opportunity to combine our own capabilities with Thales's expertise to further strengthen security within Office 365. The partnership meets the needs of enterprise customers, enabling them to leverage the benefits of the cloud with complete peace of mind and in line with their respective data protection requirements.
Bernard Ourghanlian, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer for Microsoft France
We now offer users a quick and simple document encryption function that is fully integrated with their connected, collaborative work environment. Our trusted solution raises Office 365 security to a very high level to support even the most sensitive data.
As a world leader in data protection, Thales is a trusted partner for customers with the most demanding cybersecurity requirements. We help some of the largest enterprise customers protect their data as they pursue their digital transformation, and over 30 major companies have already entrusted us with the supervision and protection of their critical information systems.
Grégoire Germain, Cyberdefence Business Development Director, Thales

CYRIS for SharePoint and CYRIS for Outlook: security solutions for collaborative work environments

Both solutions are compatible with all desktop and mobile devices available in the marketplace today (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, etc.).
Developed jointly by Thales and Microsoft France, they integrate seamlessly into the office environment and complement Microsoft information security solutions such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Protection in Office 365.
CYRIS for SharePoint : secure storage of sensitive documents in the cloud
CYRIS for SharePoint is natively integrated as a secure document library within SharePoint. Whenever files are placed in the library, they are automatically encrypted and stored in a secure cloud located and operated in France. Only users with authorised access to the library can view and edit files. Access rights for each library are managed by users themselves, who decide which other users are allowed to access files.
CYRIS for SharePoint offers two layers of authentication: Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office 365, which is natively integrated, and InWebo multi-factor authentication (strong authentication for the web).

CYRIS for Outlook : message encryption and expanded access
CYRIS for Outlook, which is the only French digital safe locker for intuitive end-to-end protection of file attachments using encryption technology from Thales, now offers two new functions:
  • Secure access for all, which allows any recipient to download and read emails and attachments protected by CYRIS for Outlook, whether or not they are using Office 365. A hyperlink in the email body redirects the user to a secure site, where they can access sensitive information after user authentication.
  • Email body encryption, which can be activated/deactivated in a single click while writing an email and is compatible with Office 365, Office 2013 and Office 2016.
About Microsoft
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[1] Microsoft SharePoint enables organisations to create websites and to securely store, organise, share and access information across a variety of devices.
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