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Thales is a world leader in Digital Identity & Security, where trust has been brought to the global economy and digital exchanges are being secured for billions of people and things. April 2nd 2019, Gemalto was acquired by Thales,
providing Digital Identity & Security Services in the majority of the countries in the world.

Local presence

Identity & Biometric Solutions

In the civil identity sector, Thales offers end-to-end Identity and Biometric Solutions. Thales provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services that address government programs for ID management and road safety, eGovernment/mGovernment infrastructures for trusted eServices, and border and visa management requirements. Thales also addresses public safety and law enforcement challenges, offering best-in- class forensic solutions. The company’s products and solutions are deployed in over 200 active programs worldwide, with specific expertise in secure document issuance, biometrics, document readers, authentication, ID management and data protection.Thales collaborates with its clients to report and share best practices. Manufacturing Competence Centre is located in Tczew, near Gdansk. Two flagship state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, equipped with the innovative machinery, capable of manufacturing advanced banking cards and the secure documents. It is a Centre of Excellence site in production of identity documents and our largest Identity & Biometric Solutions manufacturing site worldwide.

The Manufacturing Competence Centre is located in Tczew, near Gdansk. Two flagship manufacturing sites
equipped with innovative machinery, produce advanced banking cards and secure documents. It is a Centre of
Excellence in the production of identity documents and our largest Identity & Biometric Solutions manufacturing
site worldwide. The centre’s highly competent staff ensures strict compliance with all environmental, safety and ethics
regulations. Thanks to our colleagues working in Poland Manufacturing Centre, Thales is providing cutting edge
products and services of the highest quality to customers all over the world.

Banking & Payment Services

Thales offers services for financial institutions in the Banking & Payment Services (BPS) unit. The world of financial services is changing fast and consumers look for evermore personalised, convenient and secure ways to pay, communicate and interact with their banks and accounts. Today, we provide the Polish banking sector with a wide range of secure digital banking, cards and digital payment solutions meeting and exceeding these demands. Our onboarding / KYC (Know Your Customer), access / SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and risk management services have been used for many years by our customers all over the world, and combined they are the ideal way to secure and enhance the entire customer journey for digital banking. In 2021, Thales DIS celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of its presence in the Polish market. The company’s investment in Poland encompasses a comprehensive sales, integration, training and support infrastructure, as well as an advanced production facility and certified personalisation center. Thales is a founding member of the Banking Technology Forum, operating within the structures of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP). The company has been a driving force behind the transformation of digital security in Poland, and seven of the country’s ten largest banks now rely on Thales’ advanced products and solutions. Thales offers all payment products and personalisation services available on the market, regardless of the physical medium, payment organisation or technology. At the same time, Thales’ strategy is to provide its customers with access to all the latest products and services, so that our customers could be the first to offer these on the market, thus gaining the privileged position of innovators. In close partnership with leading Polish banks, we also drive the change in lifestyle payment products, including world-leading mobile, biometric, metal, eco-friendly and wearable contactless products and associated services.

Mobile Connectivity Solutions

All around the world, we work with hundreds of mobile network operators, OEMs and other service providers to deliver seamless connectivity across cellular networks, and strong digital identities for both people and connected objects. Since the start of GSM, we have brought trust to the mobile ecosystem by authenticating users and devices to mobile networks. Now that most people have at least one mobile device, we increasingly help operators support their customer relationships right from service sign-up. We also work with many mobile operators to support their IoT activities.

Cloud Protection & Licensing

Thales is also well known for providing advanced data protection consisting of two areas: identity and access management solutions and encryption with advanced key management solutions. Awareness of our solutions is not only reserved for finance & public/government market. We are present on the e-commerce market as well as critical infrastructure providers and ICT service providers. Our products support core government solutions like qualified certification authorities, ID solutions, certificate authorities and core domestic payment and domestic transfer money solutions. Last but not least, our sales channel is a second part of our presence in Poland. Our mature partners guarantee high quality of installation and implementation of our solutions.

Analytics & IoT Solutions

By 2025, 75 billion IoT devices will be connected with a potential market value of around $1.6 trillion. IoT devices and services offer unprecedented possibilities, business opportunities and challenges.

To support its clients, Thales delivers innovative IoT technology that simplifies and speeds enterprise digital transformation. In Poland, Thales also provides a wide range of market leading IoT solutions perfectly adapted
for the market context such as Smart Metering solutions for utilities and grid managers within the energy, water and gas
market. IoT is also driving evolution within security solutions for industrial automation. Whether devices monitor our
houses' safety, vehicle fleets or industrial grade sensors, Thales IoT modules provide the tools to improve efficiency in a wide range of industries, providing our Polish customers’ devices with the exact data they need.