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Together, simplifying car connectivity management

In 2025, most of the global new car market will be connected. With decades of experience in cellular connectivity, addressing millions of devices remotely and securely, Thales became a trusted partner for the connected car requirements. To address the challenge, Stellantis, a leading global automaker, selected Thales to simplify its vehicles’ connectivity management, enabling massive and remote cellular updates.

A connected car offers great benefits to its users thanks to telematics, infotainment (GPS, video), safety features (such as eCall), and many other applications that rely on cellular connectivity to work properly. 

To offer fully resilient connected cars, automotive OEMs need to implement a reliable cellular connectivity solution in vehicles that ensures no connectivity disruption and maximized user experience. Thales supports car makers with a seamless cellular subscriptions management solution, offering both flexibility and security when implementing remote connectivity updates, on a large scale. 

Successfully, in 6 months, the Thales automotive team has been mobilized to accompany Stellantis in such massive deployment of new connectivity subscriptions into eSIM-equipped connected cars. For this large-scale connectivity migration, Stellantis leveraged Thales automotive-grade eSIMs (also known as eUICC) and remote subscription management platform, to proceed with car connectivity updates on more than 900,000 vehicles. This operation provides the agility to leverage any mobile network service provider, around the world.  

“In this new era of mobility, our portfolio of brands is uniquely positioned to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers, as they embrace electrification, connectivity and automated driving. With Thales technologies enabling regular over-the-air updates, our customers will be able to add innovative features and services and keep their vehicles fresh, exciting and updated years after they have been built.” said Christophe Rauturier, Software Operations & Customer Support at Stellantis.

With the Thales solution, connectivity services updates can be processed massively and securely over the air, offering important cost reduction for car makers and their partners. Global car connectivity solutions and remote management also significantly reduce supply chain complexity for automakers while enabling more accessible end-user experiences over long vehicle lifecycles. 

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