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Elevating Hanoi's Metro System for Sustainable Urban Mobility

What was the challenge ?

Over the past decade, Hanoi has faced challenges arising from rapid urbanization, severe traffic congestion, and the imperative to counteract the adverse effects of air pollution. The implementation of Line 3, one of five planned metro lines for the Vietnamese capital by 2030, addresses these challenges by specifically targeting enhanced accessibility across six districts of Hanoi. This initiative plays a pivotal role in upgrading the public transport system to increase the public modal share through eco-friendly transportation, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thales, leveraging its expertise, aims to significantly improve daily mobility, alleviate congestion, and contribute to the city's overall environmental sustainability.

How did we respond ?

In 2017, Thales addressed these challenges by securing a contract to provide comprehensive train-to-track communication systems, a Line Command & Control Centre overseeing traffic management, energy distribution, video surveillance, passenger information, and telephone services. Our approach involves integrating proven expertise in telecommunications and command and control systems. Through collaboration with rolling stock manufacturers, we offer turnkey solutions that empower operators and city authorities to efficiently manage environmentally responsible public transport systems. 

The Results

The Thales team achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the Test Run of the elevated section in December 2022. Currently, our team is working closely with the main contractor and the operator to finalize the operational schedule. All teams involved are committed to supporting the country in developing a low-carbon emission solution through the implementation of cutting-edge innovative technology for system control and monitoring. Upon project completion, the city of Hanoi will have a comprehensive and modern system to manage its inaugural metro line, leveraging Thales's extensive global experience and innovative telecommunications and command & control solutions.  This will significantly improve daily mobility opportunities for Hanoi's citizens, reduce congestion and improve the city's environmental performance.