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In Defence, we are trusted at the highest levels to help armed forces prepare for, achieve and maintain tactical superiority and strategic independence over any form of threat. Governments rely on Thales to protect citizens, and make the world safer. From designing smart sensors and advanced defence systems, to developing collaborative combat, and connecting and equipping soldiers on the digital battlefield, our systems deliver information superiority and give joint forces mastery of action whenever they face their decisive moments. Whatever it takes.


In complex military scenarios, far-reaching decisions must be made in no time. We support our customers with innovative and integrated solutions for surveillance, reconnaissance and effect.

In combat and other uncertain situations it is often necessary to make far-reaching decisions in very little time. Thales supports this in the form of innovative and integrated solutions for surveillance, reconnaissance and operations. Our comprehensive international portfolio offers the widest possible range of combat-proven solutions: for the commander of an aircraft carrier battle group, the commander of a strategic submarine, or even the leader of a troop of snipers.


Partner to the Bundeswehr for 50 years

Since the German Bundeswehr was established, Thales Germany has been helping them fulfil their important mission with command and control and reconnaissance equipment. Generations of conscripts have learned to appreciate our hand-held and knapsack radio equipment and our radar and air defence systems. Today, the solutions we offer range from individual sensors to combined radar and optronics systems, right for complex command and control information and reconnaissance systems as well as equipment for electronic combat. We protect field camps of the Bundeswehr and their allies against a variety of different threats, even in the most demanding of operating environments – permanently, effectively and around the clock.

Secure and reliable communication tools

For the armed forces, Thales develops and produces powerful and secure communications solutions. Our areas of expertise for these applications range from tactical troop radio and intercom systems, encryption devices and highly complex command and control systems and capabilities, to cyber protection and warfare systems. As in the past with the radio devices of the proven SEM family, or today with Gladius, the most advanced soldier system in the world, the men and women deployed in the armed forces can continue to depend on robust and powerful communication equipment into the future., The remote communications solutions from Thales Germany make the connection as intermediary between sensors and command and control systems – reliably, anywhere, anytime.

Monitoring, reconnaissance and operations

For the different branches of military services, we provide high-performance equipment for surveillance, reconnaissance and operations. Ranging from powerful ground surveillance radar for reconnaissance troops, effective reconnaissance equipment for manned and unmanned aircraft, to highly accurate firing control systems for German submarines: thanks to our solutions, which have been proven in actual operations, threats are pre-emptively detected, analysed and combated. Radars from Thales protect the airspace, our coastlines, and in mobile use also events such as summits or critical infrastructures, depending on the threat situation.

The remote communications solutions from Thales Germany make the connection as an intermediary between sensors and command and control systems – reliably, anywhere, anytime.

The latest generation of mobile devices warns reliably under fire, provides special forces with convincing monitoring possibilities or raises (easy to equip subsequently) the reconnaissance range of the army’s spy or joint fire support vehicles. Thanks to its state-of-the-art competence centres at the North Sea, Thales already supplies the Germany Navy today with the modular and high-performance reconnaissance and command and control systems of tomorrow.

Simulation for mission planning and training

We support the army in the processing of missions both before and afterwards. Our specialised simulation solutions are state of the art. They make it possible for different users to train and improve their abilities on an ongoing basis, such as aircraft and combat crews and infantry with respect to small arms and tactical behaviour, or commanders of ships and combat fleets. Thanks to the powerful simulations and portrayal of tactical situations, even the most complex operations can be prepared, monitored and followed up on – reliably, network-capable, and scalable into the future.

The right decision at the right time

From the outset, Thales Germany has been a partner of the German Bundeswehr and the formerly installed border police, which were the forerunner of today’s federal police force. With innovative solutions, we work with their members in the defence of the homeland, in special operations and operations abroad. The demanding and diverse requirements for the various protection and security solutions call for a strong and reliable partner like Thales. However uncertain the situation may appear to be in future: whether in combat in an urban environment, a threat in cyberspace or the rescue of German citizens in emergency situations – we will continue to help to always make the right decision at the right time.

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