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Working at Thales in Germany

It all starts with Human Intelligence

Our products and solutions are designed by people and for people, and their *Human Intelligence makes the difference.

At Thales, we create solutions that make the future safer, greener, and more inclusive. But you can only solve societal challenges when you start with a human point of view. That’s why our people are our greatest asset.

Thales in Germany

Leveraging the latest technologies  in the service of society. 

We offer to our customers, both home and abroad state-of-the-art, highly secure and ultra-reliable communications, information and control systems, as well as services  for both civilian and military security and protection needs.

Our experts bring together innovations across many domains – from the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace. At Thales, as responsible future-makers, we are guided by our ethical charter.

Always building solutions that are imaginative and resilient, human-centred and sustainable. So that together, we can harness the extraordinary power of technology to build a future we can all trust.

Fostering a positive work-life balance for our people to succeed.

We strive to maintain an equilibrium between professional responsibilities and personal life. It involves allocating time and energy to both work-related activities and personal pursuits, such as family, hobbies, self-care, and leisure activities.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is important for our overall well-being, job satisfaction, and long-term productivity.

New career opportunities every day.

We believe that culture is the heartbeat of any organization, and it shapes the way we connect, communicate, and create together. Through our unique approach, we strive to foster an environment where individuals can grow, ideas can flourish, and innovation can thrive.

You will find ample opportunities to develop your career in new positions or fields or even work in different countries.

Say HI to our recruitment team

Our Talent Acquisition Partners are here to answer all the questions you may have about our open positions or our recruitment process.

Feel free to connect with them via LinkedIn and have a chat. They will be your first point of contact during your recruitment journey. 

Human Intelligence is the power behind the technology that Thales is known for, enabling us to grow and realize our vision.

Maria GAISSERT Maria GAISSERT Talent Acquisition Partner

Joining Thales means being part of a community driven by passion and the determination to go the extra mile to make the world a little better.

It also means getting the chance to work with and learn from experienced experts and specialists and be a part of the global conversation, with many of our projects led by multinational, multidisciplinary teams working together to meet a shared objective. 

Dual Education System

During a dual study program at Thales Germany, you will combine theory and practice in just three years.

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

The Total E-Quality award is annually conferred by Total E-Quality Deutschland e. V. and recognizes organizations that actively and sustainably promote workplace equality and diversity.

At Thales, every individual is at the heart of our focus, irrespective of gender, origin, or individual characteristics. The Total E-Quality award reaffirms our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, where talents are acknowledged, nurtured and appreciated.

Our locations in Germany

Thales has a rich history of extraordinary people and groundbreaking technologies in Germany, being present in the country for more than 140 years. 

Thales in Germany has become firmly established on the local market as a company with well-developed structures and customer relationships. The company has its own local production sites and R&D departments and historic roots in Germany reaching back to the year 1880.

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employees in Germany
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Connect with us

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