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AlTrac 6413 ETCS Level 1 Wayside Controller solution

Thales with its ERTMS/ETCS product solution AlTrac 6413 aims at providing competitive offers to customers who already apply ETCS systems or intend to do so.

ETCS Level1 at its best

The routes are set to overcome national borders to safely improve railway operation to regain market share against other modes of transport.
As a renowned industry partner Thales fully supports the direction of infrastructure providers and operators. Thales and its customers already act for many years in a partnership of mutual trust and forward orientation. Thales is thus committed to provide best assistance to its customers in their endeavour to prepare for and endorse ERTMS.

Key Benefits:

  • Interoperable operation on European lines
  • Increase in line speed
  • Increase in route capacity
  • Upgrade of existing infrastructure
  • Cab signalling
  • Interoperability
  • Continuous speed supervision
  • Cost efficient train control system
  • Economical operation
  • Scalable architecture
  • Adoptable due to customer needs

AlTrac 6415 ETCS Level 1 On-Board Unit solution
AlTrac 6415 is the vital on-board subsystem of the Thales ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 compliant train control system (AlTrac 6413).
With its modular design it offers a wide range of applications from state of the art to older loco types

AlTrac 6481 ETCS Level 2 Train Control System solution
Thales/ETCS Automatic train control center
Also called Radio Block Center (RBC) due to the fact that it transmits movement authority data from wayside to trains via GSM-R radio. It is compliant to the European UNISIG Standard for ETCS.
The Level 2 system offers continuous transmission of actual track description data and movement authorities by the RBC 6481 AlTrac to the ETCS onboard units 6482 AlTrac (OBU). Based on these data, the OBU provides: continuous supervision of train speed to over 350 km/h; individual braking curves; target speed and distance indication on the drivers display and to the trains automatic speed control.
Key Benefits:
· Interoperable ETCS Level 2 Automatic Train Control Center according to the European Interoperability Standard
· Creates interoperable ETCS Movement Authorities
· Superimposed on existing national interlocking taking into account national operational requirements
· Flexible adaptation of all interlocking types
· Capability to adapt other wayside information relevant for safe train operation,
· e.g. hot box detectors
· Interfacing Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) providing actual train information. High-end safety level for train movements
· Low maintenance as is a centralized system with almost no installation along the line
· Safe operator interface for temporary data modification, e.g. speed restrictions

AlTrac 6482 OBU On-Board Unit for AlTrac ETCS Level 2
AlTrac 6482 OBU is the on-board unit available for ETCS Level 1 and Level 2.
This OBU system enables interoperability on European lines and performs safe supervision of train movement with high availability.
The on-board system calculates the maximum permissible speed and the relevant braking curves. It monitors the current speed and initiates automatic braking if the permissible speed is exceeded.