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TRAKO 2023

19-22 September 2023, 10:00am - 4:00pm (UTC+1)
Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie – AMBEREXPO -
Gdańsk, Poland

Join us from September 19th to 22th to meet our experts!

Mastering technologies that will prepare the future of the industry

Take a peak at some of our solutions that will be displayed during Trako 2023


Thales advanced, modular Traffic Management System (TMS) designed for efficient dispatching and real-time control of both high-speed and conventional railway lines. 

ARAMIS™ is versatile and can be used both for conventional signaling technology and modern radio-based train protection systems such as ETCS. To further increase capacity, it can be seamlessly integrated with Automated Train Operation (ATO) or Driver Advisory System (DAS). 

In this way, all the advantages of a TMS with modern signaling can increase the attractiveness of the railway system. 

Customer benefits
  • Improvement of network performance (punctuality of trains, flexibility, online forecast)
  • Increase of train capacity (without infrastructure changes)
  • Reduction of carbon foot print


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ETCS L1 – L3

ETCS is a vital pre-requisite for tomorrow’s interconnected future. Designed as a core signaling and train control component of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), ETCS serves as a common digital language that transcends borders, enabling European citizens to traverse the continent seamlessly. 

ETCS enables precise train control, ensuring optimal speed adherence to safety protocols.  Aside from safe train operations, the focus is on efficiency, achieved with increased operational performance and lower energy consumption. 

Our concrete experience from ETCS projects helps our customers to select the optimum operating concept, to cut energy costs, reduce journey times and increase availability.

Customer benefits 
  • Interoperability
  • higher performance, improved track utilization and greater passenger service frequency

ETCS On Board Unit

ETCS On-Board Unit is a vital component installed on a train to ensure its compliance with the ETCS standard.  The robust and redundant architecture of Thales on-board system solution guarantees absolute availability and operational safety (SIL4) with ETCS L1/L2.

National train control systems are integrated to varying degrees. Adaptation of the on-board ETCS equipment is generally required for integration into the train – this is possible with our solutions without modifying the core system.

  • Modular architecture to adapt to different train configurations
  • Compact components
  •  Configuration of measuring sensors can be optimized in terms of accuracy, availability and costs

Driver Advisory System - GreenSpeed

Via digitalization and clever software, our goal is to support the ongoing shift towards sustainable, CO2 emission-free rail transportation for both passengers and freight. Rail is already the most eco-friendly mode of transport, but we aspire to do even better.

Our Driver Advisory System (DAS) interprets data and constraints to provide actionable driving advice, optimizing speed profiles within limits, while adhering to the plan. 

C-DAS takes it a step further by handling situations where the original plan is no longer feasible, accommodating new plans received from dispatchers to prevent surprises for drivers. This aids in maintaining smooth traffic flow and preventing network-wide delays.

Customer benefits 
  • Railway undertakings: optimize energy costs, enhance train punctuality and streamline operations
  • Infrastructure managers: efficiently execute timetables, prevent conflicts and expand network capacity
  • Train builder: meet market demand with leading technology, deliver profitable projects