Personal data: new rules, new opportunities

Thales is helping organisations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The deadline for compliance is a real opportunity to build or rebuild the trust of everyone who confides their personal data to the care of a third party.

Countless businesses and organisations today are collecting and analysing data on their customers and users. It's the black gold of the 21st century, and attempts to steal or compromise it are increasing all the time. The operators who hold this data have become the guardians of our most valuable asset: our identity. Despite the spectacular hacking scandals in the headlines recently, many organisations still aren’t taking the problem altogether seriously. Smaller companies in particular tend to perceive the requirements imposed by data protection authorities as just another constraint and an additional cost item.

Compliance as an opportunity

While some companies are further forward in their preparations than others, many are still apprehensive about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Adopted by the European Parliament in 2016, the GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018. It is the new regulatory framework for personal data protection, and includes severe penalties for any public or private-sector organisation failing to comply.

As a specialist in digital security, Thales has the know-how and IT systems expertise to support organisations at every step of the compliance process and to turn this deadline into a real opportunity. For all organisations holding personal data, the GDPR is a chance to prove that they have the interests of their customers at heart, and to reassure them that they can be trusted with their data.

360° Support
Establish a strategy Implement data protection Stay up to date
Thales experts:
•    Analyse processes and map data
•    Work with specialised law firms to define a prioritised GDPR compliance action plan
Thanks to its Vormetric solutions, Thales:
•    Encrypts data and transactions (tokenisation)
•    Detects all suspicious activity
•    Guarantees complete visibility on all unauthorised access
•    Provides the functionality needed to comply with freedom of information provisions and the citizen's and right to be forgotten.
Because cybersecurity calls for constant vigilance, Thales:
•    Centralises all information on suspicious activity at its Cybersecurity Operations Centre and provides you with a regularly updated dashboard
•    Provides regular audits, penetration testing and consulting to help you demonstrate compliance at any time.


Building trust in the digital society

As a trusted partner specialising in sensitive data management, Thales brings cutting-edge technologies and know-how within reach of any organisation handling the personal data of citizens.
Because all personal data is now considered sensitive.
Because 25 May 2018 is an opportunity not to be missed to restore the public's trust in the digital society.
And because every citizen and every consumer needs protection from a new form of crime that's already taken root and is here to stay.

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The GDPR is intended to improve personal data protection, and companies failing to take the proper steps could be liable to stiff fines — up to €20 million or 4% of annual worldwide revenue.

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