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SAFEkeeping for the IoT space

Within the IoT ecosystem, billions of devices collect, process and send data to the cloud, where a range of different IoT services are executed. While this creates a wealth of new opportunities for stakeholders, it also presents profound security challenges. Every connection offers hackers a potential gateway, and with it access to private and sensitive data.

To ensure security, the IoT cloud service must have absolute trust in the data that is received from connected devices. Equally, devices need to trust the cloud. This is only possible if the device and server are mutually authenticated: the device knows it is sending its data to the right server and the server knows it is a genuine device that requests the data to be sent. 

In addition to this, the IoT space has suffered from fragmentation with a wide range of different operating systems and chips being used, which has prevented proprietary security solutions from being scaled or duplicated. 

The new Thales client server solution addresses this fundamental issue, based on field-proven and standardized SIM or eSIM technology to deliver scalable ‘security by design’ for the IoT. 
This solution ensures instant standardized mutual authentication via cellular networks and is fully-compliant with GSMA IoT SAFE security specifications.
This is a huge leap forward in terms of IoT security for all use cases, including smart energy, automotive, health, and home solutions for instance.

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