Multimodal journeys

Supersizing mobility


Thales takes multimodal solutions to the next level

Rising urban populations mean that public transport operators and public transport authorities are under unprecedented pressure to get the most out of their networks.
Two needs must be met to combat congestion and boost passenger satisfaction.
First, there’s a need to guarantee that capacity on every mode of transport – metro, bus, tram – is used to its maximum potential.
Second, there’s a need to make sure that public transport is attractive and easy to use. This means a relentless focus on improving the passenger experience.
New tools and solutions, developed by Thales, are helping operators and transport authorities around the world to achieve these objectives.
Multimodal Operation Control Centres play a decisive part in transforming mobility. These allow transport authorities to visualise and manage mobility across an entire city, providing coordination between different modes of transport and different stakeholders. Thales is working with customers in Europe and the Middle East to deliver Multimodal OCCs.
Multimodal OCCs make it possible for transport authorities to:

  • Boost capacity with intelligent integration between different modes of transport and increase ROI on infrastructure.
  • Improve passenger comfort by identifying and tackling congestion.
  • Satisfy passenger demand for reliable, high-quality information and assistance.
  • Better manage crisis modes so passengers can make the best use of all available transport modes when there are problems.

Seamless multimodal ticketing also plays a vital part in easing mobility. Thales is a leader in this field and pioneered the world’s first nationwide contactless ticketing solutions in Denmark and the Netherlands.
Keeping pace with new passenger and operator needs is vital. So Thales integrates EMV bankcards, mobile payments, account-based ticketing and proximity-based solutions for smartphones.
Smarter ticketing allows transport operators to:

  • Increase ridership by eliminating payment barriers between different modes of transport.
  • Satisfy passengers by offering them ticketing any way they want it.
  • Encourage tourists and visitors to use transport networks by eliminating hard-to-understand local ticketing regimes.
  • Create tailored promotions easily using a virtualised back-office.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with Be-In/Be-Out (BIBO) proximity-based ticketing.

As well as delivering multimodal solutions, Thales provides industry leadership.  Thales is leading a major pan-European research and innovation programme dedicated to increasing the attractiveness of rail as part of the EU-backed Shift2Rail initiative.