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Digital node Stuttgart – Test drives have started

Under the project name “Digital Node Stuttgart” (DKS), Thales is currently digitizing the signalling technology in Baden-Württemberg's state capital for Deutsche Bahn, in order to significantly improve capacity, punctuality and comfort. As a part of the initial “Digital Railways Germany” package, Thales in going to equip the routes around Stuttgart Central Station with a digital interlocking (DSTW), the European Train Control System (ETCS) and Automatic Train Operations (ATO) with driver. Test drives play a decisive role over the entire duration of the project. Thales has to make two vehicles available on a permanent basis. After extensive technical modifications, LUCY, Thales' own laboratory traction vehicle, will be one of the vehicles. The first ETCS test drives between Ludwigsburg and Kornwestheim took place successfully at the beginning of March.