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Encryption Technologies

The demand for the encryption and decryption of sensitive information is currently gaining ever more relevance. However, the tasks and solutions are much more complex today.

For more than 20 years now Thales Deutschland has been involved in the issue of cryptology and key management and is a reliable partner of the German Federal Armed Forces in this sensitive environment. The performance spectrum ranges from theoretical concepts and studies to concrete programmes.
The portfolio covers a complete product line with systems for the highly secure distribution and management of electronic keys in the military and civil context. Distribution systems, such as VESUV, ensure the cryptographic provision for the A400M and other airborne platforms, and cryptographic components ensure the secure, manual data transport of electronic keys (DTD) or the key management on board of aircraft.

Constantly increasing security requirements and the need for the provision of up-to-date cryptographic methods and processes are met by Thales Deutschland with the continuous development of the product line and cooperation with partners in industry and academia to develop new concepts and equipment generations for encryption and key management. This includes, for example, solutions for modern encrypted Voice-over-IP transmissions in the authority and military environment.


Skytale is the oldest known military encryption method. Approx. 2500 years ago the Spartans already used a method for the transmission of secret messages. The sender and recipient must both have a wooden rod of identical diameter - the Skytale.

The sender winds a small parchment or leather band spirally around his rod and then wrote his message lengthwise onto the band. Once the band had been unwound, the letters no longer made sense and could only be read by persons who had a rod of identical diameter.