SYNAPS - the future of communication

The latest development in the field of tactical radio systems and on-board communication solutions for land, air and sea forces is SYNAPS, the new software-defined radio product family based technologically on the French CONTACT programme and aimed at an international market.

The SYNAPS family meets the requirements of mobile tactical communication after an increasing digitalisation of missions. It meets the latest international standards and represents a technological quantum leap. Network modes and waveforms can be adapted to the requirements of the respective mission. Dependent on requirements, the radio units have high data rates and low latency periods or a long range and robustness against interference of any kind. They support the joint combat missions of allied forces and are user-friendly and easy to operate in spite of their high technical complexity.

SYNAPS utilises the powerful radio management and communication protocols of Thales and the European ESSOR initiative. It thus offers excellent performance at high spectral efficiency and permits a greater throughput of payload data.

Overview of the SYNAPS product family:

With its open design existing waveforms and transmission standards of other nations can also be integrated, allowing the commands of various forces to communicate with each other and exchange all relevant information in a matter of seconds. The radio units combine speed, security and connectivity in a perfect manner and ensure that communication is possible in every tactical situation. Voice and data are protected through encryption against all manipulation or listening attempts.

During joint missions allied forces need to be able to communicate with each other. They must know the positions of their allies, have an overview of the tactical situation and predict the intentions of the enemy. The mission success depends on whether real-time cooperation is possible and whether all allies have a complete overview of the combat arena and all forces operating within it. If allied weapons enter combat, SYNAPS offers a real mission advantage: The radio solution extends the coordination to all participating forces – from the on the spot deployment of special units to joint operations at brigade level.

Whether ground troops, parachuting units or navy units, be it missions across forces or operations with allies: SYNAPS always offers the exact coordination options required for a successful mission – within NATO or under any other allied command.