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Thales hands over the SAGD communication network to the EAZS M Neustadt

At the beginning of August, Thales Germany handed over the upgrade of the digital communication network commissioned by BAAINBw to manage the Damage Defense and Combat Service (SAGD) to the Navy Damage Defense Training Center (EAZS M) in Neustadt (Holstein). The system upgrade adapts to the current training needs of the navy crews. The communication network based on TETRA technology ensures the coordination of all measures for internal damage prevention in an emergency and is therefore of elementary importance for the safety of ships and crews.

"We are pleased that we have succeeded in handing over the SAGD training system to the EAZS M together with the German Navy and the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw), despite the Corona-related circumstances in recent months. With the extended SAGD system, we ensure seamless real-time communication and even more security in the consistent recording of the situation. We are aware of how important these requirements are in order to be optimally prepared for an emergency on board and to train under real conditions,” explains Dr. Thomas Jacob ( Director Program Center NAVAL, Thales Germany)

In order to achieve operational readiness, the damage prevention and combat service training (SAGA), which is firmly anchored in the Navy's training calendar, provides the crews and each individual crew member with the necessary knowledge and skills to react correctly on board in the event of damage and thus under stress. Both the “external battle” - the fight with an enemy - and the “internal battle” - the handling of damage in one's own ship are simulated in parallel.

The SAGD system from Thales is already in daily use on the F125 frigates, the task force supplier (EGV) Bonn and in the training operations of the marine technology school in Parow. The version of the SAGD communication network, which is significantly expanded in terms of functionality, is being delivered for the K130 corvettes (2nd batch) and has been commissioned for the F126 frigates.

The full range of services of this system, based on years of further development and integration experience, includes:

• Uninterrupted communication with all departments on the ship
• Ensuring and maintaining leadership skills
• A complete area position in almost real time *
• Effective management of the damage control and rescue teams
• A full functionality for the management of boarding operations or assistance at sea within a radius of 10 kilometers from the mother platform
• Fully compatible communication with civilian emergency services through the interface with authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS)

All relevant data on the damage situation is transmitted seamlessly and in real time to the ship's command via the Thales SAGD communication network. The automated, graphic display of the situation * guarantees the crew a reliable basis for decision-making at all times and ensures that the ship's command is able to act in every situation.

With this wireless communication solution, which in particular meets the high requirements for redundancy and system availability, Thales makes an important contribution to the safety of the ships and crews of the German Navy.

* not included in the transferred system to the EAZS M.