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Stay cyber-safe while telecommuting

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 outbreak to infiltrate corporate networks through loopholes created by the large-scale introduction of teleworking.

To minimise the risks of a cyber-crisis, organisations and individuals need to be especially careful to prevent cybercrime at this difficult time.

Here are 8 tips to help stay vigilant when working from home.


1.Secure your home network

Keep your home Wi-Fi access safe. Activate WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption to shield information sent on the home network, change the password which came with the device and make it a strong one.


2.Hide your work laptop

To minimise the risk of an intrusion, your work laptop should be hidden from other computers on your home network. Make sure the network discovery function is turned off.

3.Stay private

Cover your webcam and deactivate your microphone after teleconferences to prevent spying and malicious listening. Don’t discuss sensitive information over unsecured networks.

4.Click prudently

Avoid downloading apps, unknown software, music or videos from untrusted websites. Use official sources for information on Covid-19.

5.Beware of phishing

Even if an e-mail or text message appears to be from a familiar source, always double-check details such as spelling, grammar and the domain name of the sender’s address.

If in doubt, alert your IT security manager. Don’t forward the email to colleagues and do not open attachments or click on links.

6.Be careful with social media

As social networks can be vulnerable to cyberthreats, avoid using social media on business devices. Ensure antivirus solutions are installed and up to date.

7. Use secured platforms

Switch to secure authentication services* and virtual private networks to send sensitive information.

Use hacker-proof remote collaboration solutions**.

8.Go offline

Disable your Wi-Fi at night to prevent cyberattacks. Switch off both your VPN and your computer at the end of the day to enable system updates.




*: Such as Safenet

**: Thales’s Citadel chat app and the Cryptobox sharing platform are used by French government agencies



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- Thales is mobilised to help clients, partners and society through the current health emergency, with reinforced security measures that protect sensitive data, networks and information systems.