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Thales to provide partner Fujitsu with increased security capabilities through cloud-based encryption and key management services

  • Fujitsu adopts Thales’s Cloud HSM and Key Management solutions to expand its managed PKI security and enterprise data encryption offerings

Thales today announced that its Cloud Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Key Management solutions have been chosen by Fujitsu, the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions, and services, to support its new managed PKI security and enterprise data encryption offerings now available across Europe.

Fujitsu has integrated Thales’s Cloud HSM service, Data Protection On Demand, with its managed Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) service to provide a highly secure and convenient end-to-end service for enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). In addition, Fujitsu has integrated Thales’s Key Management platform with its new enterprise data encryption service to offer secure lifecycle management of customers’ cryptographic keys.

Cloud HSM

Driven by a need from its customers to increase the security level of their PKI infrastructure and remain compliant with regulations, Fujitsu is leveraging Thales’s Cloud HSM service, Data Protection On Demand, within its core security infrastructure to deliver a secure cloud-based key management service and HSM as-a-service offering. Fujitsu recognized that the Thales Cloud HSM service provides an easy, cost-effective way to offer companies access to Microsoft CA-based PKI technology with secure key management for broad range of use cases.

“We’re always looking to ensure our customers have access to the very best security solutions on the market and this partnership with Thales offers exactly that,” said Petri Heinälä, Security Offering Architect at Fujitsu. “One of our customers, a leading European pharmaceutical company, is already benefitting from our adoption of Data Protection On Demand. The client needed to shore up their key management practices, with increased healthcare regulations related to data protection, data privacy and audit controls. We worked with Thales closely across several options to find the solution that fit best for them. Data Protection On Demand delivers that enhanced security and compliance many of our customers need, in the convenient and cost-effective way they want.”

Enterprise Data Encryption

Fujitsu has also extended its relationship with Thales by launching an enterprise data encryption offering that leverages Thales’s key management platform. Effective and compliant data protection is provided by implementing a strong method of encryption as well as securing the data with a Key Management System capable of protecting cryptographic keys throughout their operational lifecycle. The new service is part of Fujitsu’s Data Protection portfolio and will be available to customers to secure data across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“Data protection is a clear priority for many businesses as they fight to prevent breaches and comply with increasing regulatory requirements.  Protecting core assets such as identities and data using encryption and PKI management should now be the minimum security posture for every organization”, said Todd Moore, vice president for Encryption solutions at Thales. “It’s vital that managed services providers are able to respond to the changes quickly, efficiently and affordably, while meeting the security requirements head on. We’re delighted to be working side by side with a global IT player in Fujitsu to ensure their customers have access to the solutions they need through our Data Protection on Demand service, whenever and wherever they need.”
Constance Arnoux- Media Relations, Security
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