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Thales Acquires Psibernetix for Decisive Technologies in Artificial Intelligence

  • This acquisition allows Thales to create computationally efficient, explainable AI
  • New AI capabilities  enable deployment  on a wide-variety of edge processing devices
  • These AI capabilities are resilient to noise, uncertainty and randomness

Thales announces it has acquired the artificial intelligence (AI) company Psibernetix to help create Certifiable AI. Originally made famous by its aerial combat application called ALPHA, which consistently defeated the world’s top pilots in simulated air combat, Psibernetix is a pioneer in computationally efficient AI technologies.

For Thales, the acquisition will establish explainable AI processes for applications in safety-critical environments. With explainable AI-driven outcomes, AI applications can be certified and trusted. Together, this further enables the widespread adoption of AI capabilities across Thales’ markets.

Through a machine-learning algorithmic process invented by Psibernetix, called Genetic Fuzzy Trees, AI decisions are able to be mathematically verified and validated through a unique constraint-breaking approach that applies fuzzy logic-based AI to large-scale problems. This process also creates AI applications that can be placed on edge processing devices and be extremely resilient to digital noise, environmental uncertainties, and randomness.

This acquisition of Psibernetix continues to help Thales bring truly unique and differentiating AI technologies to its customers for critical decisions – whatever it takes.  

Having certified, explainable AI is a game-changer for the future of critical decisions in safety driven markets. With this new capability, Thales will create truly unique and differentiated AI technologies that will empower customers to make better, more informed decisions, more quickly. 
Gil Michielin, Thales Senior Vice President, Avionics