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Thales detection probe for cyberattacks obtains security Visa from the French national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI) for its basic qualification

  • With its Cybels Sensor probe for intrusion detection, Thales helps operators of critical national infrastructures (OIV) to protect and secure their information systems.
  • French national cybersecurity agency (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information – ANSSI) has issued Cybels Sensor with a security Visa for the basic qualification of this device.This qualification attests compliance with the regulatory, technical and security requirements and demonstrates the level of performance offered by Cybels Sensor.
  • The ANSSI security Visa is a strong signal to the international cybersecurity community that the probe is ready to be deployed in critical environments, in France and abroad, to meet the growing demand of cyberthreat detection.

As cyberthreats increase, Thales is helping operators of critical national infrastructures (OIV) to implement the necessary protection and security measures to keep their information systems safe. Today, the Thales Cybels Sensor probe has been granted a security Visa for its basic qualification (Qualification Elémentaire) by the ANSSI, the French national cybersecurity agency, a mandatory requirement for solutions used by operators of critical national infrastructures (OIV)to protect their information systems in accordance with France’s Critical Information Infrastructure Protection law (LPM 2014-2019).

The Cybels Sensor trusted probe for intrusion detection enables operators of critical national infrastructure and businesses to monitor their networks and detect cyberattacks. The solution benefits from Thales’s long-standing expertise in cyberattack detection and secure development of critical information systems. By receiving the ANSSI security Visa, Thales probe can be considered as a reliable solution, recognized as such following a rigorous evaluation and in-depth analysis to make sure that it’s compliant with the highest standards. Cybels Sensor can therefore be deployed across multiple critical environments, especially in countries collaborating with France to fight international cybercrimes.

Designed in response to the proliferation of cyberattacks in a world of ubiquitous digital communications and data sharing, this high-performance modular product is deployed at critical points of a network to quickly identify an attack and protect the infrastructure. The probe analyses huge volumes of data in real time, detects potential threats and immediately alerts security supervision teams to ensure that the network is kept safe. With its modular architecture, the Thales product can evolve as new algorithms become available, including the use of artificial intelligence. New threats and regulations can therefore be continually taken into account over the long term. Available in several versions for different network data rates, with an equally high level of detection accuracy in all cases, Cybels Sensor adapts to the requirements of each customer.

The Cybels Sensor probe, designed and developed by Thales, stands out for its robustness, dependability, stability and flexibility of use. Thales customers can choose to operate the probe themselves on an ad hoc basis, integrate it into their Cybersecurity Operations Centre, or delegate its management and operation to an external cybersecurity incident detection provider, depending on their requirements. Cybels Sensor is part of a portfolio of related products and professional services, including cyber threat intelligence. These products and services further enhance the effectiveness of the Cybels Sensor probe by capturing and verifying attack-related information and signatures, known as detection rules, then injecting them into the probe several times a day.

“Thales is helping governments and operators of critical national infrastructures to keep their networks safe, with the highest security standards. The qualification issued by the French national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI) is further assurance of product performance and security for businesses and organisations where information security is paramount." Laurent Maury, VP, Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity, Thales.
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