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Thales Integrated Report on Corporate Responsibility 2021



The past year has been singular in many respects. The global Covid-19 pandemic, with its drastic human and economic consequences has accelerated a general awareness of the need to work together to build a more sustainable world.
Through its positioning and strategy, Thales provides a tangible response to these expectations: developing solutions to build a safer, more sustainable and more inclusive world, while striving for responsible economic performance in deference to its stakeholders, all necessary conditions for establishing trust.
It is this economic, social, societal and environmental contribution of Thales in 2020 that I wanted to present to you through this integrated report.

- Patrice Caine, CEO




  • Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 


  • Group profile 
  • Leader in aerospace, transport, defence and security 
  • Building a safer, more inclusive and more environmentally friendly world 
  • 20 years of innovation for those who make the world go round 


  • Meeting global challenges 
  • Our strategic priorities and ambitions 
  • Our value creation process 
  • Our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 
  • An organisation focused on innovation 
  • Digital, a growth driver in all our business lines 
  • Risk control: the Group’s DNA 
  • Ethics and integrity, at the heart 
  • of the corporate responsibility policy 
  • Governance adapted to the challenges of the Group 


  • A culture of dialogue and partnership 
  • A responsible supply chain 
  • Innovation focused on the planet 
  • Committed to humanity 
  • Financial and extra-financial performances 
  • Principles of responsibility 
  • About this report