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The future of the secured aerospace supply chain starts now thanks to Thales technologies

  • Thales is launching IVEN, the first digital marketplace that connects aerospace and defence companies with suppliers of parts and spare parts.
  • IVEN acts as a trusted third party to guarantee end-to-end transaction security and data confidentiality.
  • The new digital marketplace simplifies purchasing and ensures complete transparency from sourcing to delivery with full traceability.

With an ever growing ecosystem for parts and attendant suppliers, purchasing processes can be slow, costly, complicated and sometimes unable to achieve an optimal outcome. The demands of industrial production and equipment support often calls for a fast response, where quality and traceability are vital for ensuring that parts are compliant. Working closely with customers and approved suppliers, Thales has developed IVEN to respond to these challenges.

IVEN is uniquely positioned to revolutionise the way items such as fasteners, electrical, electronic and mechanical components and manufactured materials are sold and purchased in the aerospace and defence industries. The platform provides the transparency needed to purchase the right product under the right conditions with full traceability and optimal security. It helps improve the operational availability of equipment, while reducing inventory and cutting purchasing costs.

IVEN acts as a trusted third party that connects customers and certified suppliers via a single interface, simplifying and protecting transactions and driving improvements in the quality of the items supplied.

IVEN captures, indexes and compares the best offer on the market to provide immediate access to relevant decision criteria, such as price, availability and compliance with specific industry requirements. As a result, buyers benefit from greater transparency and agility in their purchasing process.

As a dedicated platform for industry professionals and specialist suppliers, IVEN is designed to meet the specific purchasing, financial, logistical and operational constraints faced by companies (company accounts, B2B pricing, private catalogues, certification and traceability, etc.). Fully cyber secured, IVEN supervises and secures all the transactions and guarantees the highest operational and technical standards.

The IVEN online marketplace is now live and open to sellers. The service will be available to customers on January 2020.

“IVEN offers aerospace and defence professionals a unique and innovative service that will considerably simplify the process of purchasing spare parts while guaranteeing an optimal level of security. The platform is a major step forward and heralds the future of the supply chain for companies in these sectors.” Florence Gourgeon, Service leader, Secure Communications & Information Systems, Thales.