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Thales launches a new integrated 24/7 NOC-SOC in the Netherlands

  • Thales has expanded managed services for its customers with the launch of a new integrated Network Operations Center (NOC)/ Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC) in the Netherlands
  • With trained experts present 24/7, the integrated NOC-SOC can provide organisations with premium services for IS-IT asset management and cybersecurity supervision, a critical necessity following the explosion of remote working  during the Covid-19 crisis 
  • With more than 40 years of expertise, Thales already serves more than 40 clients around the world through its five existing Cybersecurity Operations Centres (Canada, France, Hong Kong, Netherlands, United-Kingdom)

Forming part of Thales’s international network of premium Cybersecurity Operations Centres, the Group’s first integrated Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) will simultaneously monitor customers’ IT and OT infrastructure 24/7. Since IT/OT assets in the new NOC/SOC are monitored from the Netherlands, data remain in the country and sensitive information is viewed only by screened personnel. Being able to deliver these secure integrated managed services in the Netherlands is a first for Thales.

As a rule, organisations outsource night-time monitoring to SOCs in other countries. From now on, Thales will be able to offer this service for and from the Netherlands. The NOC currently analyses anonymised transaction data from public transport companies 24/7 in order to rectify faults, and the SOC focuses on monitoring the computer and network activities of critical infrastructure companies, while keeping the networks physically separate. The NOC monitors mainly systems availability, while the SOC monitors cyber security. This enables both services to intervene quickly in the event of an incident, shortening any downtime and reducing damage.

Now the two centres have been merged so that the teams have everything at their disposal to further optimise service levels and meet the highest standards of security. SOC and NOC employees are screened and trained to meet far-reaching Dutch quality standards and SOC services fully comply with Dutch legislation and regulations (ISO 27001 and NEN 7510).

Thales has more than 15 years’ experience in managed cybersecurity services worldwide. The Group is positioned as the trusted partner of choice for the most demanding organisations worldwide in terms of cybersecurity, operating five premium Cybersecurity Operations Centers around the world, in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada and Hong Kong.

"I am proud of this next step in our provision of services, as a result of which we are the first to offer 24/7 monitoring of assets and IT on Dutch soil," said Mark Donderwinkel, VP Thales Secure Communications and Information Systems."As a result of Covid-19, much more use is being made of remote collaboration tools. This is making organisations more vulnerable, and the number of cyber attacks is rising sharply. Now that we are in a phase of opening up our infrastructure and networks, it is crucial that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. In order to achieve this, better monitoring is necessary, both of assets and of computer and network activities. We can now provide our customers with the highest and continuous level of service for both asset management and cyber security."