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Cyber Threat Intelligence: the vaccine for information systems!

It is fall 2018. As happens every year, the health authorities initiate a campaign for the flu jab. The flu vaccine also provides a means for health authorities to monitor, gather and cross-check their data.


Several parallels can be drawn with the field of Cybersecurity if you replace health monitoring with Cyber Threat Intelligence and flu with IT threats: data breaches, denial of service, malware and other forms of malicious code.


Against the backdrop of digital transformation and in today's hyper-connected world, there are more chances of an epidemic and of it spreading at a devastating rate. Just like viruses that are constantly mutating, IT threats are constantly developing and getting increasingly sophisticated.


In 2017, there was an average of 40 new vulnerabilities per day which may be used by attackers. Sometimes, it can be made all the easier for them because there can be a lag time for victims to update their IT applications.


For governmental organisations, critical infrastructure suppliers, banks, companies, those whose requirements and ambitions in terms of the performance of their IS systems are particularly critical, have a lag time in the protection of data which is now inconceivable.


Through its experience of critical systems with significant safety and security constraints, Thales provides its customers with tailor-made solutions.


Such solutions cater to specific situations and help to manage increasingly complex environments, for making quick and effective decisions at the relevant time.


Everyone is vulnerable to cyber attacks; what makes the difference nowadays is the ability to deal with them in advance. One of the main challenges is to gain a better understanding of cyber criminals and their attack strategies.


Thales offers its forewarning solution, "Cyber Threat Intelligence", which provides key information for assessing attackers' capabilities in a continuous and in-depth way, therebyretaining as much of the initiative as possible in the face of attacks and no longer falling victim to attacks.


Cyber Threat Intelligence is effectively a process which constantly collects information regarding threats, from more than one hundred sources (websites, cyber monitoring tools, international partners, etc.) in order to assess them around the clock.


Using the raw data, all of the information is cross referenced, analysed and developed on a continuous basis. It is also possible to map out the threats targeting a given system in a specific sector, thereby adapting the lines of defence (SOC, probe, etc.) for the targeted systems.


Cyber Threat Intelligence constantly updates our customers "vaccination record" consolidates the immune defence of their information systems by developing the new vaccine that they may need.


A lack of Cyber Threat Intelligence, ultimately results in a lack of trust. At a time when data has become the black gold of the 21st century, Thales provides this trust.