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Thales acquires Ercom and Suneris

Thales has finalised the acquisition of Ercom and Suneris.  Ercom specialises in communication and device security (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and offers solutions for businesses and public organisations that need to protect their sensitive information. Suneris delivers solutions for the supervision and control of telecommunication network traffic.

The two companies employ almost 200 people and reported revenues of around €40 million in 2017, working especially with government clients. They will become part of Thales’s Secure Communications and Information Systems global business unit.

These acquisitions further consolidate Thales’s expertise in the technologies needed for France’s security and sovereignty. They also round out the Group’s portfolio with three key solutions from Ercom:

  • CryptoSmart, a smartphone and communication security solution, developed in partnership with Samsung, which protects mobile communications and data on consumer devices with military-grade security and has been chosen by governments and businesses (CAC 40 listed companies, critical infrastructure and service providers, consultancy firms and others).
  • CryptoBox, a file sharing and collaborative teamwork solution that uses end-to-end encryption to protect internal and external exchanges.
  • CryptoPass, a secure messaging and communication application for business professionals.

To learn more about the physical, network and application related threats to mobile devices and communications, as well as the solutions to counter them, read the white Paper on mobile communications and data, threats and solutions.