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Inside an H160 full-flight simulator courtesy of Airbus

The Airbus website features a video tour and the story behind the H160 full-flight simulator which was qualified by the European EASA airworthiness authority in August 2020.

"As good as real!" A feature that is available to read on the Airbus website quotes H160 test pilot  Olivier Gensse as comparing his time in the full-flight simulator to being just like the real thing!

The article highlights this success as being a fruit of the close collaboration between three partners: "Airbus Helicopters, which sets the requirements and provides the H160 software and data; Thales, which produces the hardware, motion systems, visuals and acoustics; and Helisim, which runs the training centre in southern France and works with Thales on installation."

The full article and excellent video can be seen by clicking here.