Smart Pill Dispe​​​nser ​​Provides Peace of Mind and Improved Well-Being

Adhering to medication treatment can be a lifesaver, whether for a chronic condition or an acute illness. However, even with the best of intentions it can be challenging for patients and caregivers who often manage multiple medications with different dosing schedules and instructions. Today’s busy lifestyles add to the challenge leading many to wonder, “Did I already take that pill?” Unfortunately, errors can have serious consequences: too little medication and a patient is not adequately treated; too much and dangerous side effects can occur. This creates a stressful situation not only for caregivers, family members and the elderly, but also for medical personnel who are helpless to reduce the risk factor.  Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), medication management is getting a helping hand.

MedMinder Launches First HIPAA-Compliant Smart Pill Dispenser

Pilldispenser.PNGMedMinder teamed up with Gemalto to launch an innovative mHealth smart pill dispenser that greatly improves medication management. The device helps patients and caregivers track medication compliance, reducing guesswork and stress while providing new levels of control and improved patient-doctor communication. The first connected solution of its kind offering HIPAA compliance, MedMinder tracks and reports medication intake, sends alerts, orders refills, and improves adherence to strict medication timing. With secure connectivity and encryption enabled by Gemalto’s Cinterion® technology, the solution sends data from the pillbox over wireless networks to a cloud-based server. Physicians, nurses and other authorized caregivers can log on to MedMinder’s user-friendly web interface to observe medication adherence in real time and intervene when necessary.

Advanced Digita​​l Security and Ultra-Thin Modules Future Proof mHealth

The easy to use, Gemalto-powered MedMinder solution helps patients and caregivers manage the day-to-day challenge of medication compliance, a crucial component to overall health and well-being. Gemalto’s Cinterion technology enables secure and reliable 3G connectivity today (HSPA+ and five band UMTS) and provides an easy, cost effective path to 4G technology in the future to protect the long term technology investment. With reliable connectivity, data security, and ease of use, patients and caregivers can rest easy knowing support is always on and available to help improve health outcomes.