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The potential for IoT-enabled asset tracking is enormous. 

Whether your devices monitor vehicle fleets, locate containers, trace stolen goods, or detect changes to environments, IoT asset tracking provides the tools to improve efficiency in a wide range of industries dramatically.

However, if devices are faulty, cannot connect to the network, or become compromised, the costs could seriously outweigh the benefits. 

Even today, 40% of organisations that have deployed M2M asset tracking solutions have experienced connectivity problems.

To lead the IoT asset tracking market, you need to guarantee that your devices will consistently provide customers with the data they need. 

Asset tracking market worth $3.93B in 2023


267 billion

Number of IoT asset tracking devices deployed in global industry by 2027

$3.93 billion

The expected size of the asset tracking market by 2023


4 key features best asset tracking systems include

For your customers to receive robust ROI from asset tracking and tracing solutions, your connected devices and back end systems must offer:

  • Always-on connectivity
    Data providing useful insights on asset locations, temperature, functionality or any other metric your devices track must be sent reliably and continuously from anywhere in the world 
  • Long-lasting, future-proof connectivity
    For tracked devices that operate in the field for many years - including on battery - connectivity needs to be adapted to be power-efficient and last for the long run. Remote updates should also be made possible, to address large fleets in diverse locations, ensuring that devices continue working optimally and sending data as expected. 
  • Data and analytics
    Industry requires precise, reliable, and real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive security
    With devices recording the location of high-value assets, companies need assurances that connected systems are protected, and data coming from those devices is transmitted safely and securely.


Thales' 24/7 IoT-enabled asset tracking connectivity solutions, advanced security expertise, and device lifecycle management platform offer a comprehensive solution that meets your requirements.

Learn how Thales provides the most secure and reliable IoT asset tracking systems:

Applications supported by Thales

Contact us today to learn how industrial assets benefit from our IoT connectivity modules and advanced GPS capabilities in areas as diverse as:

  • Cargo containers on the high seas
  • Assets in inhospitable and sparsely populated locations such as rainforests, mines, and deserts
  • Cold-chain monitoring for temperature-sensitive goods
  • Employee health and safety
  • Real-time route optimisation and distribution schedules
  • Insurance companies offering pay-per-use policies
  • Smart City analytics
  • Construction sites and vehicle condition monitoring


Thales solutions for IoT asset tracking systems


iot asset tracking

SECURE your asset tracking system

As a world leader in digital security, Thales allows you to protect connected devices operating remotely as well as the data they generate and send. Let us focus on security expertise while you focus on building devices that genuinely meet your customers’ needs.

  • Unique device identity and credentials are embedded in our cellular modules or SIM cards, i.e., in the core of connected devices - this prevents device cloning. Secure digital authentication mechanisms leverage these IDs to ensure the data remains in legitimate hands.
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end, to ensure that sensitive information on asset location or device condition cannot be intercepted or tampered with

Learn more on Thales IoT cybersecurity solutions

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CONNECT your asset tracking systems

It is business-critical for customers to know where their fleets or goods are, as well as receiving critical insights on their conditions. To provide anytime, anywhere connectivity, Thales gives you:

  • Seamless connectivity implementation - we design our SIM and cellular IoT module to be easy to install and to turn on for immediate device connectivity.
  • Global cellular coverage, meaning devices can send data from anywhere in the world, as they move from one country to another.
  • Reliable connectivity - our cellular modules connect with power-efficient, remote networks such as LTE-M and NB-IoT, which means data can still be sent and received when the device is underground or in remote areas. Our rugged design enables connectivity to last, even in the most extreme conditions of temperature, vibration, or moisture.

Learn more on Thales reliable IoT connectivity modules

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MANAGE your asset tracking systems

When asset tracking systems are deployed for long periods to hundreds – or even thousands – of devices, smooth and seamless device, performance management is critical. No customer wants to spend time and money, sending out technicians to manage updates or install new software. Thales provides you with the tools for comprehensive device lifecycle management:

  • Remote software or security updates can be deployed instantaneously, securely and efficiently, across large fleets of devices
  • No costly, time-consuming truck rolls, enabling you to keep your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) under control
  • Secure long-term service relationships with reliable tracking systems

Learn more on Thales device lifecycle management solutions

iot asset tracking solutions

ANALYSE your asset tracking system data

Thales provides world-class analytics solutions to analyse data provided by devices in-depth:

  • AI-enhanced systems alert asset management teams to any unusual activity which could indicate an attack is underway
  • Propose new services in line with the way your assets are being used
  • Make informed business decisions thanks to valuable insights coming from your data. For example, you can improve route planning with our advanced real-time GPS insights, leading to significant savings on logistics and transport.

Learn more on Thales AI-based Analytics solutions 

The Thales advantage for your asset tracking solutions

Worldwide reliable connectivity

We provide unparalleled global connectivity so that you can track your assets anywhere on earth

Gold standard security


We are world-leaders in digital security, protecting valuable connected assets, and ensuring the most critical data is kept secret.

Streamlined management

With large fleets of devices installed, you need to be able to manage them all. Our device lifecycle management solution gives complete control.




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