Home automation and security systems

The home automation and security systems market is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years – reaching $3.2 billion worldwide by 2026, up from $618 million in 2017. 

This is good news for providers of smart home and security systems. 

However, the market is ripe for disruption, especially from cellular connected security systems, able to offer reliable 24/7 connectivity and remote predictive maintenance.

Big names enter the home automation market

Significant new players are entering the home automation and security industry, including Apple, Amazon, and Google – all of whom have the power to attract vast swathes of the market. 

At the same time, technology is getting more affordable, and many start-up companies are entering an already crowded marketplace with cellular home security offerings.

There's more.

Traditional security panel systems are evolving, and vendors are introducing new services – everything from door lock monitoring to temperature control and fire prevention systems.

Connected home alarms become a majority in 2020



So how can security and home automation system providers differentiate themselves and add value for their customers?

4 key features that smart home systems must include

Consumers have come to expect increasingly high standards and sophistication from home security systems. 

To retain customers in a crowded and competitive market, and to reduce the cost of operations, security alarm panel and home automation providers need to differentiate themselves with unique offerings such as: 

  • Iron-clad security
    Secure data transmission is crucial in today's market. If a criminal finds a weakness in any IoT connected security system and breaches it, this gives them a free hand to spy or burgle homes unmolested.
  • Reliability and resilience
    A critical factor in the growth of cellular home security systems is that connectivity remains reliable and available. If professional burglars cut off a home's electricity, then networked, WiFi-only and wired home security systems can be bypassed.  
  • Ability to connect with any network
    If you are offering a cellular alarm system, consumers anywhere in the world will be able to connect to the most reliable local cell carrier.  
  • Lifecycle management
    Whether your customers choose do-it-yourself home security or managed services, they do not want the hassle of repeated manual updates or visits by installation teams. They expect installation to be a one-time activity with the possibility for device manufacturers to monitor distributed devices and push updates over the air, as and when needed.  

Thales' 24/7 cellular connectivity modules, advanced security expertise, and device lifecycle management platform offer a comprehensive solution that lets you meet the needs of your customers. 

Learn how Thales helps differentiate your connected security system:

Applications supported by Thales

Contact us today to learn how home security device manufacturers are using our cellular modules for:

  • Doorbell camera, smart lock and motion detection
  • Cellular data transmission, supporting video, messaging and voice communications
  • Connection to any local mobile network
  • Predictive maintenance and device monitoring
  • Home sensors
  • Comprehensive home automation IoT systems
  • Smartphone connected security systems

Thales solutions for home security systems

smart home

SECURE your connected building security systems

Home security systems collect highly sensitive information – about when your customers are at home and can even film them about their daily activities. The data they collect and transmit must, therefore, be iron-clad. Thales provides the security they expect:

  • We are globally recognised as a world leader in cybersecurity and provide hardware embedded security
  • Device data is protected and encrypted end to end, when in transit and at rest
  • Each cellular module comes with its own digital identity, which makes it near-impossible to clone
  • Our advanced monitoring systems can detect device anomalies and take appropriate actions before issues arise. Security updates can be pushed as and when needed, thanks to an efficient update campaign manager.

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connected security systems

CONNECT your home or building security systems

Consumers increasingly expect home security brands to provide always-on streaming and data transmission. We strongly advocate for cellular-based systems over traditional WiFi connections because they are easy to install, secure, and highly reliable. 

  • A cellular alarm system is almost impossible for burglars to circumvent
  • We offer 3G and 4G technologies which enable advanced video surveillance, expanded protection and conform to the highest security standards
  • Our modules connect seamlessly with cellular networks and avoid configuration issues often met with WiFi  
  • Our solution allows manufacturers to design single devices or SKU, which will work worldwide, simplifying design, and supply chain processes. Remote SIM provisioning then provides the capacity to select the requested mobile operator at installation. 

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MANAGE your cellular building security systems

Your customers want to set up and install their devices once, then never need to think about them again. However, many alarm systems require multiple visits and inspections by engineers or manual updates by DIY users. Thales lets you:

  • Monitor device behaviour and centrally deploy updates or new features to your home alarm and security systems over the network
  • Address your entire fleet (or part of it) at once to securely push new features, patches and product updates in an efficient manner
  • Improve ROI for customers, while allowing you to reduce operation costs and generate long-term, stable revenue with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model

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ANALYSE what your fleet is reflecting

Our state-of-the-art data analytics are powered by AI and machine learning and present data in easy to use dashboards which enables you to make informed decisions and act fast. For example, it could detect if a fleet of devices is behaving in an usual way, which could be the sign of an upcoming global cyber threat.

  • Unusual behaviour detection through AI-enhanced systems
  • Device and component failures prediction
  • Network anomalies detection
  • Suspicious activity identification
  • Closed-loop actions trigger (alerts and notifications)

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The Thales advantage for your smart home systems

Unparalleled security

Your products are deployed in customers’ homes – the most private of places. Use Thales’ modules to ensure always-on connectivity and build-in security to give your customers peace of mind

Remote management

The cellular approach to home security systems means updates and patches can be deployed centrally without intrusive manual changes

Risk prevention

Investing in reliable, tried and tested solutions like Thales means you avoid the risk of failures – which could cost your customers and your brand reputation