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The future of Point of Sales (POS) systems or payment terminals is exciting, and in the coming years, we can expect an ever-increasing diversity of payment methods. 

At the cutting edge, we will see innovations such as biometric POS, mobile POS payments, and digital product tracking that will eliminate the need for cash, cards, and check-outs. 

At the same time, handheld POS systems, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), will become almost universal, allowing speedy payments everywhere - from taxis to open-air markets - in practically all countries. 

New types of POS services will also pop up, such as the booking of a taxi in parallel with paying the bill at a restaurant.

POS market worth $109B in 2025

The global market for POS systems is to reach $109 billion by 2025 and the future looks bright for device manufacturers. 

However, they must adapt and innovate fast to keep up with a rapidly-changing market – because retailers and their customers will have increasingly high expectations for the services you offer.



4 key features that smart POS systems must include

Retailers, service providers, and their customers come to expect ever more ways to pay and extra associated services, adding more convenience. 

At the same time, competition is fierce with new players popping up, so your devices will need to offer:


  • Reliability
    Consistent and dependable POS connectivity is a must – any downtime will frustrate customers and reduce sales. 
  • Future payment and services
    The future of POS systems is evolving fast. Your devices and applications must be able to grow and be updated with new features, as needed. Working with emerging 5G-ready devices will bring a new set of services that can make a difference. 
  • Security and compliance
    Your POS devices must conform to standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and you must be able to guarantee personal customer data, card information, and purchase history are secure and encrypted when at rest and in transit.
  • Flexibility and mobility
    As POS systems evolve, customers will increasingly expect the ability to pay where and when they want – and to avoid long queues at check-out.
Thales’ 24/7 POS connectivity solutions, advanced security expertise, and device lifecycle management platform offer a comprehensive solution that lets you meet the needs of your customers. 

Learn how Thales helps differentiate your POS system:


Applications supported by Thales

Our POS connectivity solutions enable the following kinds of innovations:
  • Biometric POS systems to support face, iris, and fingerprint scanning
  • Digital product tracking to eliminate queues by letting customers fill baskets and pay remotely
  • Mobile payments in-store, restaurant or on public transport
  • Cellular-based POS systems which allow retailers to take payments outdoors without relying on WiFi
  • Using the forthcoming 5G networks to enhance payment possibilities
  • Use of Bluetooth and other connectivity solutions for payment

Thales solutions for retail POS systems 

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CONNECT your POS system

As consumer and retailer expectations evolve, 100% connectivity will become the norm. Thales brings you:

  • Anytime, anywhere POS connectivity. Our modules are cellular-based, meaning that retailers can accept payments everywhere, without the need for a WiFi connection.
  • 5G-ready connectivity modules that will support a new set of convenient services, helping you to stay ahead of the competition
  • Flexibility in device manufacturing. We provide SIM card systems and eSIM, which can connect with mobile carriers anywhere in the world. That means you can sell the same device in any country without needing to set up a specific supply chain for different markets.

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MANAGE your POS system

As the POS market continues to evolve, your devices must be future-ready. Customers will resist innovations if they are required to install new systems and hardware manually, so you need to be able to install updates and improvements from a distance. Thales lets you:

  • Centrally deploy updates and new features to POS systems over-the-air
  • Install new features, such as biometric scanning capabilities to fleets of devices at all your customers' stores

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SECURE your POS system

Consumers and retailers have understandable concerns about the collection of personal information, mainly when this includes payment data or future biometric-based services. Thales ensures security and privacy by:

  • Offering state of the art security – based on the heritage of our world-renowned POS solutions
  • Ensuring data security as it is stored, processed and transmitted to banks, customers and your customers' back-end systems
  • Providing advanced analytics which monitor and alert you to unusual activity which could suggest a breach has occurred

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Point of Sales IOT solutions

ANALYSE your POS system's data

Help your customers understand their customers better. We provide a full suite of POS data analysis solutions to help:

  • Understand how customers are paying
  • Meet the demand for new payment methods based on customer behaviour

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The Thales advantage for Point-of-Sale IoT solutions

State of the art cellular technology

World-leading POS connectivity platform ensures 24/7 reliable connections to process payments

Leadership in digital security

Thales is securing billions of devices every year in critical and data-sensitive infrastructures


Our solutions allow you to prepare for secure biometric-based POS, 5G and many other new payment and associated services