Launching a connected product can be a daunting prospect.

Luckily, within the IoT community, there's a wealth of how-to guides, expertise and success stories available to help and inspire budding beginners just starting out.

This means new IoT players don't need to start their project completely from scratch - they can instead stand on the shoulders of well-established businesses in the IoT sector to take their project from proof of concept to massive scalability.  

Learning from IoT success stories

In this instalment of our IoT Masters series, Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics and IoT Solutions at Thales, gives a comprehensive rundown of how new entrants to the sector can piggyback on the variety of IoT success stories and use cases that are now available. He also talks about how businesses can: 

  • Choose the right network to ensure out-of-the-box connectivity
  • Pick a cellular device that meets the businesses' needs
  • Monitor their IoT applications remotely to keep the total cost of ownership down
  • Ensure security provision by working with an expert that has adapted enterprise security techniques for the IoT world 

He also gives an insight into working with best of breed IoT partners and key events that beginners might want to attend to improve their skillsets, while also making sure that your product keeps up with the required regulatory mandates as it evolves.