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Obvious at it may sound, defining the business case of your IoT project is an important step in starting out on your smart journey.

  • Are you aiming to equip an existing product with the ability to offer predictive maintenance rather than sending out an engineer once it's broken down?
  • Or are you looking to move away from being purely a product manufacturer to that of a service-based business?
  • Or do you want to monetize the data acquired from your IoT ecosystem? 

Starting your IoT project - step by step

In this episode of our IoT Masters series, Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics and IoT at Thales, talks through the key considerations that will help you when starting your IoT project, to create a step by step plan of the key principles and considerations you need to cover.

This includes determining your businesses proposition, risk posture and how your technical specifications impact your priorities.

Francis also explains how an IoT platform can help you manage your fleet of IoT devices based on your use case. For example:  

  • If it is essential for your brand that you do not become liable for any security breaches, then working with an IoT platform that specializes in securing IoT devices is important
  • On the other hand, if you have millions of devices and you are okay with the fact some of them cannot be updated or upgraded, you may want to use a more general IoT platform that will manage this fleet of devices to a good standard 
  • Finally, some IoT platforms are designed to help your devices collect and analyse huge swathes of data, especially if it is this data that forms part of your solution offering.

Identifying your business needs (video)

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