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​​​​​Plug and Play 2G M2M with Flexible Mounting​​

Thales's Cinterion® BGS2T Gateway is a simple plug-and-play M2M device that quickly delivers powerful Quad-Band 2G connectivity and TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS class 10 data transmission with outstandingly low power consumption. 

Ideal for first time M2M implementers and small scale deployments, the BGS2T Gateway offers reliable, cost-effective, out-of-the-box M2M communications for a variety of industrial applications such as metering, security, transportation, remote monitoring and control and many more.​

The plug-and-play design includes a robust plastic housing with unparalleled mounting options, a range of standard industrial interfaces such as RS-232 and RS-485 as well as an integrated SIM cardholder to enable easy deployment.

Quad-Band support ensures global coverage for an all-in-one solution with data communications plus SMS and fax capabilities. Like all Cinterion products, the BGS2T Gateway comes with full type approval (FTA) and is certified by the largest carriers worldwide.​

SnapEDA Schematic Symbol and PCB footprint

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