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​​​4G LTE Cat.1 Gateway with 3G Fallback for North America

Thales's Cinterion® ELS61T-US LTE Cat 1 Gateway offers highly efficient 4G connectivity seamless fall back to 3G networks.

The plug and play Gateway works out of the box to quickly connect industrial applications to the Internet with pre-approvals, virtually zero design time, and minimal integration effort.

Delivering M2M optimized LTE speeds of 10Mbit/s download and 5Mbit/s uplink, it’s ideal for industrial automation, vending, security, smart city solutions, and others that are not dependent on speed that still requires the longevity of 4G.

This IoT product is part of a broader range of IoT devices offered by Thales.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for cost savings and flexibility

Offering PoE as an option, the ELS61T runs data and power together over the same cable, eliminating additional power supply components, simplifying design, and reducing costs.

Java for fast application development

Embedded Java eases and speeds application development, offering a broad choice of tools, reusable code, a proven security concept, on-device debugging, and multi-threading. The IoT Gateway also enable on-device pre-processing and analytics that help optimize wireless network efficiency.

Highly Flexible Mounting for quick and easy implementation

The Gateway offers a highly flexible mounting concept enabling quick and easy implementation via DIN rail mounting, C-rail mounting, screw fixing, or use of cable ties.

Pre-approval speeds project timelines.

The Gateway come with Full Type Approval (FTA) and certifications from global network operators, ensuring a speedy go-to-market timeline.​

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