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​​​​​​High Speed LTE Cat 4 with 3G / 2G Fallback

Thales's Cinterion® ELS81 IoT wireless module brings together speed, high throughput, and IoT durability, and delivers reliable LTE Cat 4 connectivity for solutions such as digital signage, video security monitoring, advanced retail POS terminals and kiosks, industrial routers, gateways, and tablets.

Delivering data speeds of 150 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s uplink, the ELS81 IoT module is ideal for video streaming and industrial data while providing seamless fallback to 3G and 2G networks as needed.

It offers a built-in TCP/IP stack that supports a range of IP services protected by an advanced security concept.

Evolved from the compact and proven Cinterion Cat 1 module design, the ELS81 is suitable for size-constrained devices while allowing incremental firmware updates to extend longevity and optimized performance for the long life of IoT solutions.

Multi Design Capability for Evolving IoT Solutions

Providing integration ease and a reliable migration path, the ELS81 IoT module's LGA footprint supports flexible application designs, allowing a single PCB design compatible with any Cinterion Industrial module.

It provides full scalability between 2G, 3G, Cat 1, and Cat 4, allowing new and existing customers to move to Cat 4 quickly.

Reliable IoT Connectivity

With support for focused bands, including Quad Band LTE, Dual-Band WCDMA, and Dual-Band GSM, the ELS81 IoT module delivers reliable data connectivity. Two product variants provide a seamless fallback to 3G and 2G networks as needed in the US and EU.

Powerful Embedded System Speeds and Simplifies IoT Development

A powerful Java embedded system simplifies and speeds IoT development, offering a broad choice of tools, high code reusability, easy maintenance, a proven security concept, on-device debugging as well as multi-threading programming and program execution.

SnapEDA Schematic Symbol and PCB footprint


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