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IoT technology

Since the M2M industry first emerged in 1995, we have been a driving force in IoT innovation.

We've been developing new products, IoT solutions, and services to help businesses worldwide leverage the power of wireless connectivity to improve the way we work, travel, and live our lives.

More than half of Thales DIS employees work in innovation and R&D, giving rise to many first-to-market accomplishments that demonstrate Thales's commitment to expanding the horizon of possibility for IoT technology.

At Thales, we live, sleep, and breathe IoT.

Nothing is more exciting or satisfying than bringing leading-edge, best-in-class solutions to customers in an ever-evolving and expanding marketplace.


Recent IoT innovations

Recent IoT innovations include:

5G and IoT - 5G and IoT technology is more than just a new generation of wireless technology. It represents a fundamental change in the mobile ecosystem, unleashing a powerful combination of extraordinary speed, expanded bandwidth, low latency, and increased power efficiency that is driving billions more connections in the next five years and changing our world.

LPWA – Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) describes a fast-growing class of connectivity technologies that meet IoT solution demands for cost and power efficiency, global reach, and robust security.​

NB-IoT – An LPWA Network (LPWAN) technology supports massive connections from one node with improved efficiency and reliable reach deep underground.

LTE-M – An LPWAN technology optimized for IoT that promotes highly efficient use of LTE networks.

LTE-Cat 1 – A technology ideal for IoT applications not dependent on the speed that still require the longevity of LTE.

VoLTE​ – A technology offering voice and data for IoT applications that depend on human interaction.

Embedded Java IoT Modules, Terminals, and Development Kits – Embedded systems ramp up IoT module processing power while streamlining development and lowering the total cost of ownership.

LGA Surface Mounting – Introduced in 2010, Land Grid Array has become the industry gold standard surface mounting technology.


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