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Java Embedded Strategy for the IoT

Java™ is one of the most well-known and ubiquitous software development standards in the world, with billions of successful applications and implementations deployed globally. 

Java has close to 9 million developers worldwide. 


From laptops and PCs to gaming consoles, IoT devices and smart cards (with Java Card), this programming language percolates just about everywhere.

Thales has leveraged the power and flexibility of Java for the M2M and IoT marketplace with its successful Java embedded strategy. 

In addition to enabling cellular connectivity for M2M and IoT solutions, Cinterion Java Embedded Modules ramp up the inherent computing power of solutions and provide a broad feature set.

This collection of features enables simplified swift integration while lowering the total cost of ownership for end-users. 


Java Embedded Modules

Java Embedded Modules provide multiple ways to interface with backend architectures as well as a layer of enhanced data security through Java's sandbox ​security architecture

Cinterion Java Modules have been successfully implemented for nearly every IoT industry including:

Our Java strategy is empowering new business models by cross-linking existing applications and providing a proven platform that helps IoT customers maximize their IoT solution feature sets.


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