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Let’s start with a definition and a reminder.


What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution.

It’s a wireless communication technology transmitting voice with data packets using 4G networks. 

As a reminder, 4G means high-speed data coverage but is a non-voice, data-only technology. 



VoLTE can be used for IoT devices, data terminals, wearables, and mobile phones.

What does VoLTE mean for users and objects?

  • For mobile users, 4G VoLTE means crystal-clear voice and high-definition video calls, better coverage, and battery savings.
  • For connected objects (IoT devices), having 4G LTE with VoLTE technology means that IoT apps can use the same communication channel for bi-directional human voice interactions and save milliamps as well (from vending machine to alarm panels.)

4G LTE investments continue to grow steadily in 2021, according to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).

The association reported 228 commercial VoLTE networks in 108 countries in March 2021.


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ABI Research estimates that more than 80% of LTE subscriptions in early 2021 use VoLTE, encompassing roaming calls.

As VoLTE is the bedrock for voice communications in 5G, VoLTE will remain a priority for mobile operators for many years ahead.


The Internet of Things and VoLTE

With the sunset of 2G and 3G networks on the horizon, the IoT industry is quickly migrating to LTE to improve reliability and ensure the longevity of technology investments.

Highly efficient LTE Cat. 1 is the favored connectivity choice for industrial applications that are not dependent on speed but still require 4G reliability.

Gemalto has globally demonstrated how leading-edge Cinterion™ VoLTE Cat. 1 modules are helping bring 4G IoT solutions to the next level offering simultaneous voice and data over IoT-optimized LTE for the first time. 


Cinterion VoLTE technology (Voice over LTE)

Delivering simplified end-user control and advanced audio capabilities, the Cinterion Voice Over LTE modules are ideal for applications that depend on regular human interaction, such as alarm systems, mobile health monitoring devices, and smart home solutions. 
There's more.
The modules deliver greater cost efficiency and optimized connection speeds compared to traditional VoIP services.

As the IoT expands and spreads into new areas connecting machines to machines to people, VoLTE Cat. 1 technology will develop your ability to collaborate, communicate and interact - both from a human and device perspective. 


Voice to communicate in the IoT

A recent white paper by Strategy Analytics highlights the role of speech, the most efficient means of human communication, in the IoT

Adding VoLTE to Cat.1 networks offers the operator the ability to enhance existing and new IoT applications requiring regular human voice interactions.

These applications range from alarm panels, vending machines, parking payment machines, connected elevators in smart buildings, to customer service support buttons, and more.

The result?

Leveraging VoLTE technology enables a more flexible user experience and opens more business opportunities for IoT applications.


Create a new IoT experience with VoLTE

Strategy Analytics forecasts that voice could capture up to 12% of Industrial IoT applications by 2022.

This study details the previously under-explored role of voice in IoT.
It identifies use cases and opportunities where voice adds value to the specific solution and delivers tangible economic benefits. 


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