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General Terms & Conditions


Mobile Application Terms of Use


Application Name Privacy Policy End-User licence agreement
AllAboutMeDemo Privacy Policy for AllAboutMeDemo EULA
ID Probe 300 OTP Privacy Policy for ID Prove 300 OTP EULA
Mobile Driver License (mDL) Mobile Driver License (mDL) Privacy Policy EULA
Thales SoftTEE Privacy Policy for Thales SoftTEE EULA
SafeNet Know Plugin Privacy Policy for SafeNet Knox Plugin EULA
TrustID Wallet App Privacy Q&A for TrustID Wallet App EULA
IdCloud Auth POC Privacy Q&A for IdCloud Auth POC sample app EULA
DDL DDL Privacy Q&A for Mobile App EULA
DocReaderEx Privacy Policy for DocReaderEx EULA
Provisioner Privacy Policy for Provisioner EULA
Magnificient Reader Privacy Q&A for Magnificient Reader Mobile App  EULA
Voice Card Companion Privacy Policy for Voice Card Companion EULA
Thales POS Simulator Privacy Policy for Mobile Testing Applications EULA