Gemalto decides to file a claim against the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) for wrongful termination of negotiations

Tallinn, Estonia - 25 October 2018 – Yesterday, Gemalto AG ("Gemalto") filed, in accordance with relevant provisions of Estonian law, a claim against the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) of the Republic of Estonia in front of Harju County Court for wrongful termination of the negotiations of the out-of-court settlement agreement.

As announced on September 27th 2018, Gemalto regrets PBGB's sudden decision to break off the almost finalized negotiations of the amicable settlement agreement. It was materialized by the unfounded and unprecedented claim in court filed by PBGB, for an amount totally out of proportion compared to the one PBGB offered in its draft settlement agreement.

Gemalto wishes to remind that it may not be held responsible in any way for this outcome as it has all along been negotiating the said out-of-court settlement agreement in strict confidence and in good faith. Given the circumstances, Gemalto has therefore decided to react and take proper legal action in order to safeguard its rights and legitimate interests.

Gemalto further emphasizes that it has not breached and will continue to perform its contractual obligations.

No further comments will be made by Gemalto following this announcement.