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Gemalto delivers IoT smart data to emergency responders throughout the U.S.

​​Amsterdam, Oct. 21, 2015 - Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security is delivering actionable, up-to-the minute data to first responders in the field. Working with Intrado, a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, Gemalto's cloud-based Sensor​Logic Application Enablement Platform translates important data and sends alerts to emergency teams to improve response times and outcomes, while continuously monitoring developments as they occur. 

Data from remote sensors is collected by Gemalto's SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform, which transforms it into easy-to-use information and Intrado's middleware, developed with assistance from Prodapt, automatically sends it to first responders via a secure web portal and SMS alerts. Through an app on a smartphone, tablet or other connected device, live information from operations is always at their fingertips including dynamic weather conditions, video footage from IP cameras and GPS location of incidents. The constant flow of information gives first responders a better understanding of complex emergency situations allowing them to arrive prepared to execute rescue missions. 

"We selected Gemalto technology based on their wide range of expertise in IoT projects of all sizes," said Kevin Coyne, VP of Product at Intrado. "With proven technology and support from Gemalto plus our longstanding experience in emergency services, our solution makes it easy to go from concept to field deployment." 

"After the detailed evaluation, we chose Gemalto's SensorLogic platform, which helped us as a system integrator to develop, integrate with devices and deploy the Emergency Aware Services – both web & mobile applications," said Meena Krishnan, Vice President, Prodapt M2M/IoT Services. "With well-defined APIs, test bed and round-the-clock technical support, Prodapt was able to assist Intrado with the end-to-end implementation using SensorLogic platform seamlessly." 

"The SensorLogic cloud-based M2M solution gives safety and rescue teams more actionable data to pull from when they are making decisions on day-to-day activities or during time-sensitive and urgent response situations," said Juan Carlos Lazcano, Vice President of M2M for North America at Gemalto. "Our flexible and ruggedized platform can work across many use-cases depending on the need whether it is mission critical, track or trace, or even a more connected experience when camping." 

For additional information: Gemalto has developed a comprehensive case study​ and visual content for a deeper look at what the two companies are doing in the IoT space​

​​​​​About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the world leader in digital security, with 2014 annual revenues of €2.5 billion and blue-chip customers in over 180 countries.

Gemalto helps people trust one another in an increasingly connected digital world. Billions of people want better lifestyles, smarter living environments, and the freedom to communicate, shop, travel, bank, entertain and work – anytime, everywhere – in ways that are enjoyable and safe. In this fast moving mobile and digital environment, we enable companies and administrations to offer a wide range of trusted and convenient services by securing financial transactions, mobile services, public and private clouds, eHealthcare systems, access to eGovernment services, the Internet and internet-of-things and transport ticketing systems.

Gemalto’s unique technology portfolio - from advanced cryptographic software embedded in a variety of familiar objects, to highly robust and scalable back-office platforms for authentication, encryption and digital credential management - is delivered by our world-class service teams. ​Our 14,000 employees operate out of 99 offices, 34 personalization and data centers, and 24 research and software development centers located in 46 countries.​

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