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Gemalto full year 2018 results

Amsterdam, February 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM - Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 - GTO), the world leader in digital security today announces its results for the full year 2018.

Philippe Vallée, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Gemalto’s 2018 results reflect its success at implementing its strategic priorities with a return to the Company’s historical pattern of growing profits.

 In the Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment, double digit revenue growth was fueled by the broadening of our portfolio in a dynamic Governments market, by the growing enterprise demand for cloud-based cybersecurity solutions and by the rapid expansion of IoT connectivity for industrial applications. In these businesses, Gemalto continued throughout the year to increase its marketing and R&D investments in order to strengthen its long-term competitive positioning. In the Smartcards & Issuance segment, the Payment business stabilized in large part due to the US EMV normalization, while the removable SIM continued to decrease in line with expectations. The sound execution of the Company’s transition plan, its portfolio optimization and selective approach of business opportunities delivered solid profit margin in 2018.

Moving forward, in the Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment, we anticipate strong demand for border management and biometric solutions driven by the sharp increase in air traffic and evolving law enforcement needs. We also expect an acceleration in deployments of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions in line with stringent regulation and more high-profile breaches. We should also see a proliferation of power-sensitive IoT connectivity use cases across various industrial sectors. In the Smartcards & Issuance segment, demand for both payment cards and digital payment should increase in line with cashless trends. In parallel, removable SIM demand will continue to gradually shift toward eSIM as an increasing array of devices use dematerialized connectivity.

In this context, our strategic priorities are confirmed. We will continue to invest in the fast growing Identity, IoT and Cybersecurity segment. In Smartcards & Issuance, we will pursue the digitalization of the segment while leveraging our strong market positions.

As the Thales transaction comes to a close, we are fully prepared to join forces with the Thales teams in order to accelerate the deployment of Gemalto’s strategic plan in the digital security market.



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