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Sustainable Christmas gift

Worldwide, Thales is gradually working towards a 50% reduction in operational CO2 emissions by 2030-zero emissions in 2040. However, we can already make a difference today. This is why, we have planted a tree for every Christmas gift we handed out in The Netherlands. 3000 trees in total. These trees help fight climate change and at the same time help improve the lives of farmers in countries like Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania.

In addition, we also anticipated on our sustainable goal in honor of our 100th anniversary in 2022, as we made sure the Christmas hampers did not contain plastic.

Thales accelerates its action plan and raises its targets, with the following key objectives:

  1. Fight global warming by aiming for "net zero" emissions by 2040: in 2019, the Group set itself ambitious targets for the reduction of its operational CO2 emissions, and is now raising those targets and aiming to achieve a 35% reduction by 2023, a 50% reduction by 2030, and "net zero" by 2040. 
    These targets are consistent with the Paris Agreement's objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°. The Group will begin the SBTi (Science-Based Target initiative) certification process to substantiate its progress towards these goals. In addition, the Group expects to adopt eco-design principles for 100% of its new products and services by 2023.
    Thales will also engage more methodically with suppliers and provide more support for their own efforts to reduce carbon emissions, with 100% of the action plans of the 150 most polluting suppliers approved and launched by 2023, and systematic engagement with suppliers to bring them into line with its goal of cutting emissions by 50% by 2030. 
  2. Increase diversity: the Group confirms its goal of having at least three women on at least 75% of its management committees by 2023, and for women to account for 20% of the Group's most senior management positions by the same date.
    At the same time, Thales will continue its outreach activities with educational establishments to raise awareness of the career opportunities for women in engineering and other technical fields. 
  3. Continue to meet the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance, with systematic training and certification and the adoption of a digital ethics charter as a framework for the development and responsible use of digital technologies.
  4. Increase the health and safety of all employees, with a targeted 30% reduction in workplace accidents by 2023.


Read more about our ESG action plan.


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