Successful SQUIRE Drone detection & classification demonstration

On the 3rd of November, Thales successfully demonstrated the use of SQUIRE to detect and classify drones and small Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s). The demonstration took place at Valkenburg Naval Air Base in the Netherlands. The SQUIRE system is man-portable and can be carried by 2 persons. Because of its low maximum power output (1W max), the SQUIRE is a very safe radar concerning the effects of RF radiation energy. A major challenge is to distinguish between small slow-flying drones and other objects, like birds. Classification is done by analyzing the micro-Doppler data. Lately, more and more drone incidents, that endanger the national security of different countries, have been reported. There is therefore an ever increasing need to be able to detect and neutralize these drones. Detecting these drones is no easy task, there is little or no system which can do this job. With the recent update of its processing hardware and software and the introduction of UAV detection mode SQUIRE is even capable of tracking small drones.

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