Thales enhances defence capabilities of African countries. To name some contracts, Thales provided combats systems for SIGMA corvettes in Morocco, radars and optic sensors to South Africa.
In the radiocommunications domain, Thales has sold over 25,000 tactical radios throughout Ethiopia, Gabon, Morocco and Tunisia to cover tactical applications in land, aerospace and naval domains.
In Egypt, 2014 saw the signing of a contract between DCNS and Egypt for four Gowind corvette warships. The Egyptian corvettes will be fitted with Thales’ surveillance and target designation radar (SMART S Mk2), sonars and communication systems.
In 2015, Egypt selected a DCNS FREMM multi-mission frigate to equip its armed forces. On-board the ship, Thales has provided a multi-function Herakles radar, a communication suite, an anti-submarine sonar suite (ASM), an Artemis infrared search & track system (IRST) and an electronic warfare system (RESM/CESM).
For its Air Force, Egypt selected the Rafale omnirole combat aircraft. Twenty-four Rafale’s were ordered in 2015. Thales equips this combat aircraft with systems providing it with multi-sensor capabilities.